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Kensington Playground Will Quadruple In Size, Says Greenfield

L to R: Marty Maher, David Greenfield, Shawn Campbell and Alvin Berk from CB 14. (Photo by Carly Miller/BKLYNER)

City Council Member David Greenfield, parks officials, civic leaders, and Kensington residents rolled out the red carpet today to celebrate the Di Gilio Playground groundbreaking, a $2.8 million gut renovation project from Greenfield.

The playground, on Avenue F between McDonald Avenue and East 2nd Street, is about to quadruple in size with new play equipment for toddlers and older kids, new swings, adult and teen fitness equipment, game tables, landscaping, trees to reduce outside noise, and new security lighting, said parks officials.

But in order to expand the playground, the city tore down a skating rink in 2014, much to the dismay of neighbors who played hockey there.

Before: Di Gilio Playground. (Photo by Carly Miller/BKLYNER)

“We are literally gutting the entire park in order to quadruple the play area for thousands of children,” said City Council Member Greenfield, who noted that the park hasn’t been improved for almost 20 years.

(Photo by Carly Miller/BKLYNER)

“Di Gilio is a treasured public space in this neighborhood, and we look forward to working with Council Member Greenfield to bring it back to life,” said NYC Parks Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Marty Maher. The playground is named after Deputy Inspector Joseph Di Gilio (1929-1986) who served in the New York City Police Department for more than 30 years.

Greenfield, who grew up having to wait an hour to get on the swingset in Midwood, is on a mission to renovate every park in his district — and we’ve already been to several other ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings so far this spring, like Midwood’s Kolbert ParkKensington’s Dome Playground, Bocce courts in Marine Park, and Jackie Robinson Playground in Crown Heights (the last three aren’t in Greenfield’s district and were led by other officials).

“It takes time, but if we work together government can get things done,” said Greenfield.

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  1. Dome Playground is in Brad Lander’s district and the renovation of its playground was completed last year. Still to come is the renovation of the basketball & handball courts, and the exercise area.

  2. I’m disgusted to even look at anyone who had a hand in this. I’m sure the ethnic groups in the area will be using that new park a lot , Adults Doing pull ups or playig on the game tables ( NOT ) Did you even truly understand the makeup of that community your represent. You could have made a nice park with so much and still kept the hockey court. Did you ever even talk to anyone of us that grew up on that court and hear all the stories of the lives it saved. You will never understand. That section around the park will never be Midwood or Ditmas park with its hipsters and Nanny groups so stop trying to make it that way. Maybe you should have tried to start a league up again for 12 and under and brought commerce back to the area on McDonald ave. Did I say you disgust me.

  3. Amazing the amount of transparency Your delete my comment that just says your a fool and leave the one that accuses them of a crime. There is political astuteness for you . Nothing better than censorship from a journalism website. LOL I rest my case… Ave F Roller Hockey LIVES ON FOREVER.

  4. These renovations are a welcomed improvement. It is only natural for neighborhoods to change. My criticism is that certain Brooklyn neighborhoods have not “improved” rapidly enough over the years, and have in fact gotten worse in some ways. There are not enough public play and entertainment spaces…Y’s, pools, kid’s franchise clubs, movie theaters, arcades/rides…look at the other neighborhoods: Williamsburg, DUMBO, Clinton Hill, Park Slope, Red Hook- those are also “diverse” neighborhoods and yet, there’s so much to do for kids there…Midwood- there’s virtually NOTHING! Don’t like the comments that point to “certain ethnics.” That’s a veiled bigoted comment. There hasn’t been much improvement in decades! Except that “pot” and “vapor” smoking has replaced “crack” in the hoods…I hope that there WILL be a greater effort to bring these long neglected areas up to the modern day standards you see in other Brooklyn areas!


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