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Bay Ridge

One Dead Following 3 Car Collision On Belt Parkway

BAY RIDGE/DYKER HEIGHTS – Police are investigating a three car collision on the Belt Parkway earlier this month that has left one man dead. Photo via Harvey K / flickr [https://www.flickr.com/photos/theharv58/6805188814/in/photolist-bnmnxC-7KqGp4-dhysjP-9XGVEn-9rQvTt-ecVqDK-ab77GB-9bfUCg-5HdCGb-4KPf6B-8392Ri-6cBDwA-9rJYYc-a8BgD9-51638U-b3kp8-5fqYA6-ab9XEj-CWBFEx-4tm4p-64tP7S-dK8RG-d3cwQU-ao23y9-ftTWf-9WAzC2-ab9XBJ-do4uFD-mLPih-4sYLvC-pUNQcw-2jzEnw-7z82jY-9EVarh-3ASWC-iJXA2n-do4C9h-8ojEVe-vbSNk-

Belt Parkway

Belt Parkway Lane Closures Near Bay Ridge And Gerritsen Begin Tonight, Expect Delays

Source: DOTStarting tonight, there will be several nighttime closures on eastbound and westbound lanes of the Belt Parkway to accommodate construction. The work is part of the Seven Bridges Project, a renovation of the highway’s seven bridges and overpasses [/belt-parkway-boondoggle-lane-closures-begin-today/] that began in 2009, and will continue through March

Belt Parkway

Proposed Local Speed Limit Law Is A Hysterical Reaction

Source: MovieClipsTHE COMMUTE [/author/arosen/]: Last week, Sheepshead Bites reported [/city-council-mulling-25-mph-speed-limit-citywide/] on legislation being considered by the City Council [http://legistar.council.nyc.gov/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=862343&GUID=6E062EC0-0168-4378-A432-8CF34EFC837C&Options=&Search=] to lower the speed limit on city residential streets narrower than 60 feet wide from 30 mph to