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Bklyner editorial team: Paul Stremple, Pamela Wong, Liena Zagare and Zainab Iqbal.

Many of you have heard the Mayor is not happy with local news coverage. Yesterday, Julie Sandorf of the Revson Foundation published an editorial in the Daily News and we could not agree more with: Really want to fix local journalism, Mayor de Blasio? Here’s how.

She says, as New Yorkers we should all want better coverage and there are some very clear things he and we can do to help.

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  • Quality local journalism is not a luxury but an essential service to make us better informed as citizens.

  • Reporting costs money. Local journalism doesn’t cost more than other types, but its audience is generally smaller, which means less chance to make money from advertisers or subscriptions. Local journalism needs new sources of support.

  • Every New Yorker, even those of modest means, should be a part of this.

We are doing our best here in Brooklyn, but we could do so much more if all our readers took out paid subscriptions

Just this week there was a Town Hall with the MTA President Andy Byford, Mayor de Blasio held his own Town Hall in Flatbush, Park Slope neighbors were mapping dangerous intersections, and last night there was a very charged community meeting on the edge of Kensington and Borough Park over garbage and buses. Bklyner was there.

Last week Bklyner was at the court house, where our presence was questioned by court staff,  for a hearing over closing PS25 in Bed-Stuy. The week before, at a meeting in Marine Park, where the city agents ducked questions about how they forgive millions in property fines to developersReporting such stories, bearing witness, is incredibly important and also time consuming, and there is not enough of us.

Shortly we will be publishing a number of investigative stories:

  • How it took the NY State 6 years to close a Dickensian Home for Adults
  • A deep look at Select Bus Service impact on communities and lessons B82 route along Kings Highway could learn from B44 and others across the city

Increasingly we are focusing on homelessness and the business of providing services and housing to the homeless – if you have a story to share, or expertise, please reach out to me at

With your support we would have the resources to do more of these important stories. Would you please take out an annual or monthly subscription? Or take out two – one for yourself and one for a neighbor.

Thank you!

Liena Zagare
Editor & Publisher

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