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We’ve won awards for our reporting on the police, schools and communities, as well as editorials. Our reporting has prompted new bills to be introduced to have more environmental accountability.

We bootstrapped this business, built it from the ground up, and have been constantly adapting to changing realities of our industry.

We had to retrench a bit last January, when we consolidated all our old sites (Ditmas Park Corner, Sheepshead Bites, Bensonhurst Bean, Park Slope Stoop, Kensington BK, Sunset Park Voice, and Fort Greene Focus) into BKLYNER, in order to be around. It was not an easy decision, but a necessary one. We are on a more solid footing now, and ready to grow, but – like the New York Times – we cannot do that without the support of our readers.

We do not have billionaires as owners – though judging by what happened to DNAInfo and Gothamist yesterday, that may be for the best. But we do have lots of loyal readers, wonderful reporters and freelancers, and we’d like to expand and deepen our neighborhood coverage again.

Good local journalism requires paying a living wage to great community journalists. Reporting news is incredibly labor intensive — and we need your help to make it sustainable. We’d like to promise that for every $60,000 we raise from our readers through subscriptions, we will hire one new community reporter. All it takes is 1,000 readers committing $5 a month for a year per reporter to cover their community.  

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