Park Slope Jazz Club, Made in New York, Closed After Fire

Park Slope Jazz Club, Made in New York, Closed After Fire

UPDATE: The police informed us that the woman, named Destiny Marmolejo, passed away from her injuries this afternoon. She was not a resident of the building.

Park Slope – Made in New York Jazz Cafe & Bar, located at 155 5th Avenue in Park Slope, was forced to shut down indefinitely after it was flooded out during yesterday’s fatal fire.

Pianist Cyrus Chestnut performs at Made in New York’s grand opening (Nathan Haselby)

The cafe held its grand opening less than three months ago, celebrating with performances by eminent jazz musicians Cyrus Chestnut, Buster Williams, and Lenny White. Now, the space is completely unusable: according to owner Michael Brovkine, all the musical equipment, including a piano, is dead from the flooding. The stage, which is rigged with wiring for sound and lighting equipment, has to be disassembled and dried out, and so does the special acoustic ceiling.

Before they can open back up, the Department of Health will need to assess the damage to the kitchen which, Brovkine said, was completely lost to the flooding. Even before that, the insurance company will have to do an inspection. They currently do not have access to the building, which Brovkine says has been vacated, and all shows have been canceled until further notice.

Ticketholders will be fully refunded, and those hoping for more information, or who would like to donate, can email Brovkine at

“I don’t really know what will happen,” Brovkine said. “We’re just in shock – answering phone calls every five seconds.”

Brovkine still maintains perspective, however.

“The saddest part of the story is that the person died, and also the young lady is in a coma,” Brovkine said. “Forget about the club, think about [the people].”