New Roast Beef Competition! Should We Be Afraid?

Courtesy of Village Voice

Mmm… doesn’t that roast beef look delicious? Well, it ain’t from Sheepshead Bay – home of the two best roast beef joints in the nation. It’s from a new Bay Ridge eatery called Ziggy’s. In terms of style, they seem to be more along the lines of Roll-N-Roaster‘s (2901 Emmons Avenue) not-so-fast fast food, as opposed to Brennan & Carr‘s (3432 Nostrand Avenue) more cultivated sit down joint. But they’re a bit jacked up on price compared to Roll-N-Roaster ($5.25/sandwich + $0.50 for cheese). They’ve got more variety in cheeses, and their specialty is cheez whiz. How does it compare, though? Well, Village Voice’s food critic Robert Sietsema says they beat Roll-N-Roaster in terms of quantity and moistness, but gives the nod to the Sheepshead Bay establishment’s larger menu. Have you tried Ziggy’s? How does it compare? Should Sheepshead fret?


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