Gala Fresh Farms Will Likely Become NetCost Market, Property Records Show

Gala Fresh Farms will now be replaced by NetCost. (Photo by Liena Zagare/BKLYNER)

Looks like NetCost Market has taken over the space vacated by Gala Fresh Farms at 3100 Ocean Avenue, which closed after just a year in business, having taken the space over from the former Waldbaums.

Property records list NetCost Market as the lessee since May 30, at the address that has been a rotating door of grocery stores in Sheepshead Bay.

Waldbaum’s, the longtime neighborhood grocer at 3100 Ocean Avenue, closed its doors in November 2015 during the bankruptcy saga of its parent company, A&P. The location was auctioned off to Compare Foods, which replaced Waldbaum’s with a new ‘upscale’ grocery chain called Gala Fresh Farms.

After much anticipation, Gala Fresh Farms, the ‘upscale’ grocery, opened last March, we reported, only to close barely a year later.

NetCost Market is an Eastern-European specialty supermarket. Epicurious thinks that its Bensonhurst location is the “best supermarket in the world”, what with quail eggs, whole pigs, gefilte fish, buckets of caviar, and miles of sausages at the 18th Avenue superstore (between 86th Street and Benson Avenue).

Honey at NetCost Market

It caters to the European immigrants and has an excellent selection of imported and ethnic products, whether you’re after cold smoked chicken or fish:

Herring display at NetCost market

Or lots of different kinds of dairy products, and beer (they have a number of Aldaris brews, for any Latvians out there planning midsummer celebrations):

This would be the 5th NetCost Market in Brooklyn. They also have a store in Queens, another in Staten Island, two in Philadelphia, and one in New Jersey. And they also own Gourmanoff in Brighton Beach, and the recently opened Gourmanoff Cafe & Bakery in Sheepshead.


Let’s hope this one lasts! We will update when we hear back from the NetCost representatives on opening dates.

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  1. This will be a huge competition for the Cherry Hill, another supermarket catering to the Eastern European population of this Brooklyn enclave.

  2. The reporter can’t seem to get her facts straight. At first she writes “… the address that has been a rotating door of grocery stores in Sheepshead Bay.” And then adds: “Waldbaum’s, the longtime neighborhood grocer at 3100 Ocean Avenue…”
    It was hardly a rotating door since Waldbaum’s was there “A long time.”
    Someone obviously did not copy edit this article.

  3. this is my area and i would welcome Net Coast . The Cherry hill is so expensive for middle class or Russian immigrants, elderly people. I used to shop in Gala Fresh , nothing to buy and horrible mean stuff. I hope Net Coast’s stuff will be nicer and more affordable food

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