Gourmanoff, Brighton Beach’s Opulent New Gourmet Market, Now Open (Photos)


Gourmanoff, a new gourmet supermarket from the folks behind NetCost Market, is now open at 1029 Brighton Beach Avenue, taking up the ground floor of the former Millenium Theater.

The owners celebrated the grand opening Monday evening with an invite-only party, with Vegas-style cocktail waitresses handing out champagne and a full display of the market’s culinary talents. Here’s our photo tour.


“We want Gourmanoff to be Lexus to NetCost’s Toyota,” said executive chef Zack Hess, pictured above. “It’s a different caliber than NetCost. Our products are super high-end.”

Hess, 32, said the market only sells organic meats, and all seafood is shipped fresh from Alaska, Maine and Long Island.


The third-generation chef comes to Gourmanoff after stints at Manhattan restaurants and ritzy country clubs. Now he oversees Gourmanoff’s prolific kitchen, which produces dozens of hot items served along the market’s perimeter. From sushi to shashlik, lobster rolls to olivier salads and a huge display of smoked fish, Hess, a Sheepshead Bay native, has a hand in all of it.

His favorite items on the menu are the scallop ceviche and short ribs, which we can attest were among the best of the dozens of samples offered Monday night.


The 15,000-square-foot-space replaces Oceana Hall, a nightclub below the Millenium Theater. The new owners have renovated the entire space. The entrance keeps to the theater’s roots; a box office sits in the front hallway, followed by a long, red carpet to the market’s inner doorway.


Inside, the palatial market feels more like a casino with tables ripped out, and replaced with rows of produce stands, buffet lines and product shelves.

In keeping with the opulent theme, Gourmanoff isn’t for the cost-conscious shopper. Prices are higher than the standard supermarket and few, if any, everyday goods are in stock. But it does have a wide selection of organic meats and produce, as well as artisanal and imported goods – all of which seemed to be priced on par with similar markets.


And while you might find similar items like gourmet pasta at Dean & DeLuca, Gourmanoff expands on that and plays to its neighborhood roots with shelves full of salty, pickled fish or freshly made smoked duck borscht.


Not to mention a selection of fresh-baked Eastern European breads. Come to think of it, I don’t think the market sells any pre-sliced, packaged bread.


They also claim to have New York City’s largest selection of smoked fish and caviar, with more than 60 varieties of smoked fish and 40 varieties of caviar in stock.


Even NetCost sells draft beer, and for that we raise our glass. But rather than take it home, shoppers can sip some suds or have a hot meal at their interior dining area.


That area is actually one of two places to eat. In a separate but connected storefront accessible from the street, Gourmanoff has launched Cafe Inn, a coffee shop, bakery and gelato station.

Good luck to our newest neighbor, Gourmanoff!

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  1. It’s directly across from Russian Bazzar on Brighton 11th. Wondering how fast one of them squeezes the other out.

  2. I wondered that before going in. Then I saw what it was like on the inside. These are two totally different things serving different clientele, it seems. And, yes, Gourmanoff’s seems to be rooted in the complex across the street.

  3. It’s good to have a place where conspicuous consumption and ostentatious
    display of high profit merchandise can satisfy the craving to flaunt ones
    fortune. It bodes well for the populace that otherwise despises those with food

  4. Billy.
    You should print your message on a poster and go on a hunger strike right in front of the Gourmanoff. That’ll do it.

  5. Do they take ebt cards? This is a great way for people on welfare to eat some good stuff. What kind of high end establishment sells a loaf of bread for 2.50? It should be at least 6 bucks.

  6. They must take some sort of benefits card. From what I see daily around Sheepshead Bay, that seems to be the preferred method of payment of the fashionistas dripping in Dolce & Gabana who are driving luxury imports with out-of-state license plates!

  7. It’s no wonder these stores end up closing for business, there are too many of the same type of food stores around here, How many of the same do we need? We need a little more variety around here. I wish them luck but we will see how long they will be in business or put another store out of business……. just saying…… am I correct?

  8. Jesus!!
    So many hating comments!
    People!! Do you have anything positive to say? EVER??
    Seems like everyone in Brooklyn is just soaked through with anger and hatred.

  9. Harsh truth but in relation to this article, its mostly the jealous Americans spewing hate.

    The store is actually very nice. Like someone else said, basically a Russian Whole Foods, which is a good thing.

  10. Americans just hate seeing other people (especially foreigners) become successful.
    It eats them alive.
    They see a Russian or Chinese or whoever else live in a beautiful house or drive a luxury car and automatically assume they’re practicing some kind of fraud.
    It’s called bigotry. Plain and simple

  11. “The owners celebrated the grand opening Monday evening with an invite-only party”

    The fuck? Who does an invite-only party for a supermarket grand opening? Russians, that’s who.

  12. The elitist Oceana residents will exit their bubble, walk across the street, buy what they need and run back into their bubble where they can laugh at people making less than $150,000 a year

    The ones who grew up in Oceana won’t even feel safe exiting those gates so the brilliant folks at the Gourmanoff marketing department will implement a catapult service where food is launched right into your window at your Oceana apartment.

  13. Ohh,
    here we go again… Another success of another Russian guy cannot let you sleep well… why? because you are not that smart and have no balls to do something that big, even you born here and speak perfect English.

    You have to know history and realized for once that only first generation of immigrants is pushing this country forward, because the second
    is laid back and have neither motivation nor desire to do anything.
    It is much nicer to see this neighborhood is prospering not vice-versa

  14. Ned,
    why are you deleting my comments?
    All the hating comments about Russians here, but once I say something in defense against hateful Americans you delete it?
    Where is free speech?
    Very disappointed.

  15. Where do you see “hating comments about Russians”? When you see a comment attacking someone personally or groups as a whole, flag it. It’s against our comment policy and it will be deleted when I see it. And so will any responses, as the comment never should have been there in the first place.

  16. OMG My comments were deleted too… wow

    there is no more free thinking… I will make sure everyone will know that…

    Here my comments being deleted:
    here we go again… Another success of another Russian guy cannot let you sleep well… why? because you are not that smart and have no balls to do something that big, even you born here and speak perfect English. Yes, you have to know history and realize for once that only first generation of immigrants pushing this country forward, because the second
    is laid back and have neither motivation nor desire to do anything.
    It is much nicer to see that this neighborhood is prospering not vice-versa

  17. Come on you always get the same story on this site, a woman with a fur and diamonds on every finger, paying for her food with an ebt card. And somehow someone always follows her to the parking lot to see her get into a luxury car with out of state plates. I’m sure there are people like this, but I wonder how many of these sightings are unique.

  18. It looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try a few new things. Also, it’s so hard to believe that it’s the same location where I spent my childhood going to the movies.
    It’s how it should be, change for the better.

  19. Are you correct? Only if you think so. If you think that ‘we’ need variety, then perhaps YOU should do something about it. Right now, this is what the location wants and the neighborhood will support. Do you have any plans to open a business in this area?

  20. How is it “obvious bigotry”? My parents are from Odessa, i was born here and grew up around the corner. I have seen first hand every type of “Russian” there is in this area. From hard working immigrant to gangster to fraudster and everything is between. My comment was half sarcasm half truth. Are there people that have money and work the system with ebt? sure there are. Most dont. Its like this everywhere and not just in this community. Go to any immigrant area and you will see the same thing. I also want to point out that I have known Ned for years now and met him when he first started this website. He has always had nothing but the best interest for this community whether he reports on fraud or a new business opening he is just delivering the information without bias. It just so happens that most of the area is “Russian” so when bad things happen and he has a story about it most likely it will involve Russians. If this was Sunset Park we would be saying the same about Chinese. So Alex before you go off and start talking shit and accusing people of anything, think about it.

  21. Talking shit?
    You’re the one who started talking shit for no reason.
    It’s an article about new gourmet market opening up, and the first thought that goes into your head is food stamps?

  22. Don’t judge with your eyes. I do shopping for both myself and my disabled father (who is bed bound now but has worked here and paid taxes for 20 years). So, after all his medical bills and no more savings, he did end up with EBT card. So, when I pay at a register, for HIS shopping I use EBT. For my shopping I pay separately. But for someone looking at my Gucci bag and paying with EBT (without knowing the whole story), it seems absurd. YES, I might be part of few exceptions and majority of “fashionistas” are with EBT for no good reason. But PLEASE, don’t just judge as there might be sad stories behind the scenes.

  23. I could’t care less how long you’ve known Ned for.
    It has nothing to do with him.
    No need to bring him up.
    The problem is you.

  24. Reporting live from Oceana condos lol: I did not have the time to browse the entire store, but the grill section did not look too shabby. I bought some kebabs and a salad for dinner last night, but was slightly underwhelmed by the taste of it. My husband, however liked it. That being said, I don’t see myself frequenting Gourmanoff… I am more of a Fairway, Whole Foods and Epicure kinda gal. And if I am in need of the cooked food, there are other more attractive options where I can take my EBT… Whoops I mean Amex 😉

  25. Do you always need to instigate all these negative comments every time you see a Russian related article about new stores opening up, medical centers, Oceana issues?
    All these hateful comments popping up: “opulance, i has it!”, Oceana, ebt cards, furs, frauds. I won’t even mention yesterday’s comments that were deleted. Every single time it’s the same thing over and over again.

    Is is all necessary every time?
    Could you be happy for once?
    It’s a well developed, beautiful store with a huge selection of high quality food that represents Russian culture.
    You should be thankful to the owners that they are bringing jobs and higher standards into the community.
    It looks appealing and makes the neighborhood more attractive to other business owners and investors.
    Or would you rather see a cheap filthy sushi place or 99 cent store, how about a pawn shop in that place?
    Local Broker,
    Your “half sarcasm, half truth” comments are not needed in this article. Keep your negativity to yourself.

  26. I rather pay for my father and save on the Gucci bag than get myself a Gucci bag and have the government pay for my father. Inchik, you are above and beyond deserved of any and all judgement you get when you pull an EBT out of your Gucci.

  27. You are posting here because you are offended.
    They, the berke cronies, they don’t have anything else.
    They literally live by this blog.
    You live here because you came here 25 years ago a penniless immigrant, perhaps with kids and even your parents and grandparent. You made it, but you are still here because of the same circumstances and age.
    So you decided to build. You build stores, theaters, condominiums, restaurants.
    They, the berke cronies, despite the fact that they were born here and English was their first language, they didn’t make it, they are stuck here, they are stuck in this god forsaken Brooklyn and they can’t afford it anymore.
    So what do they have left – they have berke. This loser made it his business to offend everyone who can afford better things in life, he catches an occasional prey, he sucks it in by his vitriolic concoctions and his cronies attack. Have you noticed the monikers are always the same?
    They will not shop in the new market because they can NOT afford it, not because the food is bad.
    And as it happens mouth-watering turns bad-mouthing. That’s the maggot’s way.

  28. I was not referring to the Brighton strip with regards to other food options. Although I live on Brighton, my shopping / eating choices are not limited to establishments located in this neighborhood. If fact, during the 6 years I lived in Oceana, I can count on my fingers the amount of times I shopped in Brighton stores as they don’t satisfy my taste and I also prefer not to go outside the gate by foot

  29. You responded to Ned about him deleting your comments and it not being fair. So it does have something to do with him.

  30. Does it make a difference where i live? I spent 30 years in this neighborhood that should be sufficient.

  31. I dont always instigate only where i feel its funny or necessary. The store is nice and they obviously spent a load of money on the place but i would much rather have a small mom and pop deli or diner like there used to be. The point of my ebt joke was that the place is labeled as high end with the largest selection of smoked fish and whatever else. So why should someone on welfare using tax money be able to shop in a place like this when they can get all the same stuff for half the price. You should not be buying shish kebobs and lox on welfare. Go buy a pack of raw chicken breast for 5 bucks cook it yourself and eat it for a 3 days.

  32. I disagree with you after visiting the store yesterday. I think Gourmanoff is mostly targeting the concert and beach goers, that’s what they put a huge cafe area there. I am assuming people need to take a quick bite before or after the show, and with Tatiana and Gambrinus the options are pretty much exhausted now that Riviera is out of business.

    Though I run into a bunch of my neighbors at this store, one should not overestimate the impact of one little 17 building community on the local business even in the buying power of its residents is slightly higher than of the rest if the community

  33. Sure makes a difference. Born here, 30 years and all and still in the neighborhood?! Something’s wrong with you broker?
    I don’t mean to be rude, but everyone with credentials like yours and a brain has already left. But you are still here bitching about other people’s business. What is up with that? 24/7 spewing bile on this blog, wasting precious bandwidth and yet cannot afford more than a “raw chicken breast for 5 bucks”. I believe we are talking 3 day ration here?!
    Something’s gotta be wrong with you broker! I bet your papa from Odessa wanted a different future for his malchik.

  34. No bitching just commenting. What about all the lawyers, doctors and buisness men that live here? That live in the world famous Oceana Condo? Are they failures for living here? Why are they moving here and not leaving? But me with my “credentials” is stuck here. You have no idea where I live or how I live.

  35. I thought everyone in Ocean ate endangered animals stuffed with nearly endangered animals. Also I like all those stores you mentioned but doesnt that mean you have to take the limo every time you go shopping? With Gourmanoff right across the street you can hop in the human rickshaw that Ocean provides and have him carry you there in a Jiff.

  36. Why not live in a neighborhood where you like the stores and food options but in a luxury development like Oceana? Were you attracted to Ocean because its close to the water?

  37. Raw chicken why don’t they just eat beans all day. Most people on EBT don’t buy expensive stuff since they are on a fixed income.

  38. You make a valid point but which people should have to pay for their retired parents and which people shouldn’t? Sure people who come from a wealthy family should collect EBT. But to say because someone daughter owns a Gucci purse that they shouldn’t receive assistance now is a bit much.

  39. Such as where? I lived in West Village while attending a Dental School, and my husband lived in Tribeca for a few years. None of those areas seemed conducive to raising a small child as well as the hustle and the bustle of the city started to get to both of us. My parents already lived in Oceana when we bough, and my in-laws live on Manhattan Beach, need I say that all of them are great help with the kids?

  40. “You should not be buying shish kebobs and lox on welfare. ”

    What business is it of yours which food a person chooses to buy using his or her SNAP funds? You sound like minding the business of others is your full-time career. Hope you’re getting paid to be an a-hole otherwise your talent is being wasted.

  41. That was just an opinion. I dont really go around telling people what to eat and how to spend their money. At the same time i dont think government money that comes from working tax payers should support people buying caviar in a “gourmet market”. I actually like the idea of being left alone and no one watching or telling me how to live. You are right though i would get paid top dollar for being an asshole.

  42. Local Broker,
    you seem like a very opinionated guy.
    Got an answer for everyone.
    You’re just wrong on this topic from the beginning with your ebt cards rantings.
    It’s impossible to reason with you, just quit it already.

  43. Server, you seem ridiculous and obsessed.
    This is a legitimate and dedicated neighborhood news source – with a somewhat active commenting section. Ned Burke, is a passionate and dedicated writer and publisher, as are the people who also write on these glorious and appreciated pages.
    A ‘crony’ I am not; a ‘fan’ I am.
    I read ShBites because I want to and look forward to it daily. Why the h*ll are you here, at all, ‘Server’? I am here to be informed, enlightened and to read of my area. You might want to find another place to troll, if only looking for negativism. A car wreck is interesting & provocative – but painful and sad to see.

  44. Here is a simpler scenario:
    An elderly disabled person makes an EBT purchase, no one will judge him. If someone (maybe a neighbor) makes a purchase on their behalf, you are right away judging that person. Doesn’t make much sense to judge without knowing the entire situation. Obviously if you see a picture on EBT is the same as a “Gucci” owner, it might be more acceptable to judge.
    As for “covering parent’s expenses”. I say YES, kids should cover for their parents. I cover a easily 10x of what my parent gets. I don’t with on anyone to know what it takes to keep a disabled (bed-bound) person at home and out of nursing home. Lets just say it is VERY costly on family.
    However, he paid his taxes… why should he (or me on his behalf) be ashamed to get legitimate EBT help? I also pay about 35K in taxes each year, so why I should be ashamed that my father gets little out of that? Its not like anyone is cheating?
    As for buying expensive things… whats the point of pushing yourself to the limit to make more $, help others, pay taxes but not be able to buy something nice for yourself? People need to reward themselves to give them drive to move forward and achieve even more.

    On side note, visited this store and it is very nice and friendly.

  45. See my post above for a simplified scenario for someone like you. People who are quick to judge, usually lack something within their own life and try to find flaws in others.

  46. Thera is NO development like Oceana in the 5 boroughs of New York City, trust me I looked.

  47. Did it ever occur to you that no one is flaunting anything but rather is living at the level they can afford? We are not going to lower our standards of living just to appease jealous losers

  48. I won’t comment on this topic anymore.
    Half of my responses to Local Broker are being deleted by Ned for no apparent reason anyway.
    Seems like Local Broker’s opinionated attitude and negative rants are acceptable by site’s “comment policy” but my response to quit his rants is not.
    There’s no point of having a debate with him, don’t even try people.

  49. “Did it ever occur to you that no one is flaunting anything but rather is living at the level they can afford? We are not going to lower our standards of living just to appease jealous losers”

    I agreed with you madam until the ‘jealous losers’ part.

  50. I don’t get it. You whined when I moderated the thread, so I abandoned moderating it to focus on other work. Now you’re whining that I’m not moderating it. I haven’t touched your comments since my initial post.

  51. Yeah Local Broker your sarcasm definitely stands out.
    You’re a very opinionated and witty guy behind the computer.

  52. What if im in front of the computer? I would say the same things to your face. You can say whatever you want “behind the computer”. Weren’t you done commenting here 5 comments ago? Have a good weekend and enjoy your gourmet piroshki.

  53. yes same goes to you.
    by far the most sarcastic guy of the decade probably.

    Just make sure you don’t pass out in front of the computer hunting for articles to comment on.


  54. Peace / Alex, There are people who have wanted to get into this neighborhood for years! Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach have it all- great food, close to the water, and some beautiful homes/apartments! We have many dining options, parks, and for the most part amazing neighbors. I am USA born and raised ( darn sounding like cattle here) but I LOVE my area. I have wonderful neighbors, a safe walk in the middle of the night, and those “Russians” that moved here 30 years ago have done so much improvement to the area! Sure, I get exasperated when I see a fur clad diamond dripping lady buy the best caviar with an EBT card- but that’s not everyone in our neighborhood- they WILL eventually be caught. Instead of fighting lets all pull together and make this a place no one wants to leave! I love the new store- it is a welcome change in our nabe!

  55. You sound like a fan of this place so maybe you can tell me what makes this place different from NetCost? I’ve been to both and it seems to be more or less the same thing. I know they’re trying to promote this place as being gourmet and high-end but to me it seemed just slightly different than NetCost.

  56. This website was bought recently by CornerMedia (for those who don’t know) and ever since then there have been some changes here, one of which is more comment censorship.

    I guess what they’re trying to do is attract a let’s say, more refined audience and some of the more expressive commentors around here will be censored to make the place more attractive for the new class of readers. Call it digital gentrification.

  57. Well, that’s not true. I have received no direction whatsoever on how or when to moderate comments, and have been doing it for the same reasons and the same way I have for quite some time. I simply remove comments I think are hateful or distasteful when and if time allows – the rest, whether I disagree or not, stays put (and that, by the way, includes all criticism of me). Sometimes time doesn’t allow and I miss comments – you’re always welcome to email me privately or flag them to bring it to my attention.

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