Three-Quarters Of Ocean Avenue Waldbaum’s Workers Could Lose Jobs Due To A&P Bankruptcy

The Waldbaum's at 3100 Ocean Avenue.
The Waldbaum’s at 3100 Ocean Avenue. (Photo: Alex Ellefson / Sheepshead Bites)

The judge overseeing the A&P bankruptcy case on Tuesday approved the sale of the Ocean Avenue Waldbaum’s. Now, the union is hoping to pressure the new owners to hold onto as many of the employees as possible.

As part of the sale, Fransula Foods, operator of Compare Foods, agreed to keep 25 percent of the grocery store’s workers. UFCW Local 338, who represents the employees, hopes to convince Fransula Foods keep more of its members on the payroll.

“We’re going to be meeting with the company and trying to encourage them to take more than what they have agreed to. Our priority is getting as many people hired back on at the store as possible,” said UFCW deputy director Nikki Kateman.

The fate of workers at the Coyle Street Food Basics is even more uncertain. The union has failed to reach an agreement with Met Foods, who offered to buy the location during a bankruptcy auction earlier this month. Due to objections filed by the UFCW, the judge has postponed approving the sale until next week.

The judge has encouraged grocery operators to come to an agreement with the union. Compare Foods did not respond to a request for comment and representatives from Met Foods could not be reached.

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  1. Grossly mismanaged store, glad to see it go! Had to wait 10 mins in line at night, expired products, dirty.

  2. I wish they would open a publix around here. Always clean well lit,stocked and never a line. The emplyees don’t act like your doing them a favor when you go there.

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