Cortelyou Road Retail Update – Madeline Takes Over And More


DITMAS PARK — Last week we wrote about the closing of Brooklyn Industries on Cortelyou Road. A few weeks before that, Stems, the flower shop that resided at Sycamore bar relocated to Prospect Heights (to co-locate with a yoga studio instead).

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Honeysuckle Hill Flowers will take up residency in the space vacated by Stems at Sycamore, opening September 27th. They have been delivering flowers to residents in the area for a few years now, arrangements are “romantic and unstructured”, and we profiled them a few years back when Alex Thune was just starting out.  Alex is looking for part time help at the shop –  email if interested.

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I was with a bit more of hesitation that we noted that the folks behind Cafe Madeline are expanding to open two other locations on their block of Cortelyou (between E16th and E17th Street).

What was to be Victorian Flatbush Counter, teasing neighbors FOR YEARS, is now going to be Yellow Belly and focus on FISH. Let’s hope it does not go belly up. I’m truly trying to be generous here, but they have occupied a prime storefront on Cortelyou for too long to be still saying “opening soon”.  I will only believe it when I see it, so no guesstimates for opening days. Let us know when you see them open.

Burgers & Juice is the other spot, initially thought to be a rebranding of Crown Fried Chicken, a few doors down from Cafe Madeline and next door to Latin Fever. It has been shuttered for a few months now and is sporting a bright, bright yellow awning.  It was supposed to be “healthy fired chicken”.

My apologies – Grass Fed Burgers + The Juice.  It used to be a fast food chicken joint before, which was not all bad. At least – it was open. Fingers crossed?

Now what will come here?

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