Brooklyn Industries Closing Ditmas Park Store On Sunday


DITMAS PARK — Brooklyn Industries was an outlier on this stretch of Cortelyou Road, which is home to two dollar stores, a small gift shop and a handful of restaurants.

It opened in January of 2013, taking over the storefront that was for two decades selling Avon on the corner of Marlborough Road, a vote of confidence of sorts for a neighborhood in transition.

And now it will be the third vacant storefront on the block, when the store closes for good on Sunday. 1410 Cortelyou Road hopes to attract a restaurant to the space that was a toy store and more recently a cell phone store. It is unclear what will become of the old Brennan/Bichotte Office space that is undergoing renovations next door at 1412 Cortelyou.

According to the owners, the lease was up and they chose not to renew it.

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  1. Agreed with both above. We really need a good bakery…it was such a shame when the old one closed down. A book store would also be great and would likely do well on cortelyou. Almost anything besides a Chinese takeout joint, a cell phone store, pizza place or another 99 cent store..or whatever you call them these days. A good bbq restaurant would be sweet too.

  2. One more..a good vintage clothing store would likely do well too. I knew brooklyn industries wouldn’t last..their prices are ridiculous.

  3. What I do to like about BI is that its clothes are imported, not made in the US or Brooklyn.

    Bakery or bookstore would be great!

  4. Just something other than a deli. We have a lot of those. An independent community bookstore would be great, but I won’t hold my breath. I think we’ll get another cell phone store.

  5. Nice location, terrible location for BK industries. As before mentioned, I’d like to see a bookstore, BBQ joint that competes with hometown/Morgan’s, or maybe a homemade ice cream shop / bakery


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