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Avon Moved Out of Cortelyou Corner Retail Space


As you may have noticed, after over two decades (or longer–anyone remember?) in a corner storefront on Cortelyou Road at Marlborough, Avon has moved out. You can now find them next door at the Punta Cana beauty salon at 1418 Cortelyou.

Now that it’s shuttered (and this is a pic from last week–those gates are looking much better thanks to volunteers who painted it this weekend), we’ve got yet another corner space vacant on Cortelyou, bringing the count to three when you add Vox Pop at Stratford and Solo right across from Avon.

Here’s hoping this corner doesn’t stay empty as long as those two have. What would you want to see in this space?

According to public records, the building, which includes Third Root at 370 Marlborough, is owned by Burhani Realty. Still trying to track down a number for them–if anyone knows how to get in touch with them, please let us (and prospective businesses) know in the comments!

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  1. I hope that the owner removes the graffiti and generally maintains the storefront while it’s vacant. It’s required under the law, and the city will do it and charge the owner if needed. Let’s all call 311. If you have an iPhone (but not an Android), you can use the 311 app to take a picture and submit it all at one. 

  2. I’m hopeful for this location. The other two vacant corner spots have coo-coo owners, from the stories I’ve heard. I have to assume since Third Root opened in that building relatively recently, the owner is motivated to keep the space occupied.

  3. Did anyone ever go into that Avon store?? What would rock: a wonderful independent bookstore. I can dream, can’t I?

  4. A corner spot like this could be a great choice for Cafe Tibet to expand to. Another thought could be an Italian spot as our current choices mainly pizza joints that serve only basic fare.

    Another bar would be welcome. Always nice to have options. 

  5. A giant underground waterslide conduit to union square! It could actually look like a toilet and literally flush me to work!

    (I think I will add this to Ditmonster Park.)

  6. Anyone know what the rent is?  I assume that the LL raised it due to the gentrification and that’s why Avon is gone.

  7. Brick oven pizza, a wine bar, or a bookstore. Or all three in one. 

    Definitely not another bank or drugstore. 

  8. I would like to see an asian noodle house. Very random, but I love those places. Also, a Mediterranean restaurant would be great as well.

  9. Never went it and I never saw anyone else go in either.  I’m shocked it stayed open as long as it did…

  10. How about a really good shoe store -women and kids? I also like the idea of expanding Cafe Tibet. Great place but could use more seating.

  11. Perhaps we could even persuade them to have a small section in the back corner for men’s shoes, too.

  12.  There’s already one of these on Coney Island Avenue.  Plus there’s Staples on Flatbush

  13. I would like to see a really nice nail salon (a la Polish Bar of Brooklyn), an Indian restaurant, a bookstore, a bar and/or performance venue, an artisan/design space….

    What about that bar/restaurant on the opposite corner that is closed down? What is the deal with that place?

  14. A nice nail salon or a decent Chinese restaurant I could bring my family to for dinner would make my life complete as I now have to travel to Park Slope for either of those things. Also love the idea of a nice consignment shop or bookstore.

  15. love to see another bar/music space to compete with Sycamore…craft beer selection and folk-pop-jazz (not too loud).  


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