Clowns Coming to Town, Chickens Lined Up for the Slaughter & More of Today’s Links

Artist Uta Brauser’s @fishwithbraids van parked on 9th Street, Park Slope (Photo: Pamela Wong/BKLYNER)

A team from NYU Tandon in Brooklyn broke down spending on political ads—and found the current president was one of the biggest buyers on Facebook.

When you gotta go, you gotta go: homeless advocates and Councilmember Antonio Reynoso rallied this week in support of more public restrooms.

Residents in Canarsie have been calling for ferry service for as long as they can remember. Whether it’s yes or no, the city says they’ll have made a decision by year’s end.

A local artist is gaining internet fame for sneaker art and pop portraits—check out the story with a video on Tiffany B Chanel.

With the high holidays just around the corner, protestors are already gearing up to oppose the sacrificing of chickens on Kaporos in Brooklyn.

When a 4-year old was killed in a Bushwick hit-and-run, the response from the community was swift. But in comparing that accident with another, Gothamist sees a telling difference in the Mayor’s response.

The New York Clown Theatre Festival is starting soon so uhh… grab your tickets? Or stay the heck away from all the creepy clowns, depending on how you feel!

An op-ed from the Chairman of the Brooklyn Reform Party supports the Borough President’s thoughts regarding term limits for Community Board members.

While cleaning efforts are underway at the legendary superfund site that is the Gowanus Canal, developers are already looking to the future—and angling to build even higher density developments in the area. The community has their own vision for the area, too.

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Paul Stremple

Paul was a staff reporter at Bklyner, responsible for covering Northern and Eastern parts of Brooklyn between August 2017 and January 2019.


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