Briefing 6/9: Repeal 50-A, #BlackLivesMatter Mural On Joralemon Street & More

Briefing 6/9: Repeal 50-A, #BlackLivesMatter Mural On Joralemon Street & More
The view from the BQE. (Photo: Zainab Iqbal/Bklyner)

It’s Tuesday! The weather is getting nicer and nicer. Please remember to continue wearing a face covering when you are outside. Here are some new numbers from this afternoon:

  • There were 323 new positive confirmed coronavirus cases in NYC, compared to the 434 cases from yesterday. There were 34 coronavirus-related deaths in the City, compared to the 23 deaths from yesterday.
  • Borough President Eric Adams said he has asked the City to paint #BlackLivesMatter on Joralemon Street, in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall, and to co-name the street as well.
  • Unions and local pols are pushing the NYPD to put civilians in more desk jobs currently held by cops, as calls to ‘defund’ police grow louder, THE CITY reported.
  • New York Magazine did a wonderful profile on Mount Sinai Brooklyn and how it survived its deadliest spring. “It’s not that you’re making rapid, courageous decisions or actions for a few days; you’re doing it every day, and it’s constant,” the president of Mount Sinai Brooklyn told NY Magazine.
  • The Brooklyn Hospital Center is creating a “’COVID-safe’ environment by organizing the hospital into separate areas with distinct access points, designated waiting areas, staff, nursing units and equipment,'” the Brooklyn Eagle reported.
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged the public to continue to take precautions to avoid a “‘spike’ in cases as is happening in Florida and other states that reopened early,” NBC reported.
  • “After three months of a global pandemic that drove ridership to historic lows and put the MTA on the edge of a financial abyss, some commuters returned to a subway-riding reality that now requires masks and offers spacing guidelines on formerly packed platforms and trains,” THE CITY reported.
  • “New York City’s electric utility is preparing for new strains on the grid this summer as people who normally commute to work stay home as a result of the new coronavirus,” the Wall Street Journal reported.
  • The NYS Senate passed a repeal of 50-a.  NYS Assembly was still voting at press time. This allows for the public disclosure of NYPD disciplinary records after recent protests created an opportunity to pass the bill after years of effort. Governor is expected to sign the legislation.
  • Officials announced 213,548 more passengers took buses and subway on Monday, June 8, the first day of Phase 1 reopening of the city, compared to the week before, we reported.
  • The cop who aggressively pushed a young woman at a protest when she asked him why she had to back up, turned himself in and was charged.
  • A Brooklyn community board that approved spending $26,000 in public funds to buy an SUV is considering skipping a required election, allowing its leaders to hold on to power for another year, THE CITY reported.
  • We spoke to 18-year-old Abdullah Akl who just wants to make a difference.