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The Bay’s Tallest, Sky-Scratching Condo Tower To Open Soon

(Via Muss Development)

South Brooklyn’s sky-scratching tower, dubbed 1 Brooklyn Bay, is set to begin sales within a few months, announced Muss Development this week.

At a colossal 30 stories, the luxury condo building at 1600 Sheepshead Bay Road reaches four times higher than most of the surrounding buildings. At completion, it will be south Brooklyn’s tallest building to date.

The building shares a developer with Oceana, Brighton Beach’s ultra luxury condo complex.

Tenants in the rented apartments and luxury condos are promised an outdoor swimming pool, bocce court, barbecue pits, a dog run, a gym, and lounge, according to developers. (But parking spaces cost extra). Pricing info has yet to be released, but our previous article estimates them starting at $700 a square foot.

Last July, the construction of this behemoth cast it as the hallmark of the Bay’s forever changed skyline.

When developers originally submitted plans in 2014 for the massive tower, some neighbors fretted over the burden on local infrastructure — that could lead to clogged streets and sewer lines. However, because Muss Development and AvalonBay, who scooped up the property for $20.2 million, are constructing the building as-of-right and within zoning regulations, they were able to bypass input from the local community board.

1 Brooklyn Bay isn’t the only headline-making development project near Sheepshead Bay’s waterfront. Rybak’s swanky seven-story condo building, located on the site formerly occupied by El Greco Diner, appears on track to open in the fall of 2017. Meanwhile, another developer is demolishing three buildings on Sheepshead Bay Road to make way for a lightning bolt-shaped residential building, and applications were filed in January for a 21-story tower on a vacant Coney Island lot — transforming the once bungalow-dotted aerial view to a jagged, Manhattan-esque skyline.

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  1. Not only will the skyline forever change in southern Brooklyn with the completion of these buildings, so too will forever change the traffic. This is especially true when the thirty story building is complete and residents begin to use their vehicles, going in/out of their garage which sits exactly across the street from the Coney Island Avenue exit of the Belt Parkway. If one thinks the traffic backs up on the Belt getting off that exit now just wait. Throw in drivers parked waiting for loved ones coming down from the train station and this will be a real nightmare. I also hope that CVS adds to their staffing because as it stand now the service in the store is quite slow and this building isn’t even occupied as yet.

    In addition, going west on Voorhies Avenue from Ocean Avenue past the Sheepshead Bay train station should be a marathon. Ditto for westbound drivers on Emmons Avenue. To get from from Bedford Avenue to the Bay Academy area particularly on a warm Friday and Saturday night will require lots of patience.

    All of this makes me think that not much thought was put into the impact on the neighborhood of a structure of this size. Money was the only thought which came to mind.

  2. I m glad to see real “Affordable Housing” being built in Sheepshead Bay. This one is a steal!!!

  3. Absolutely despicable. They bullied their way in and the Community Board did nothing to stop it. They just put up their hands and said oh well………………

  4. When too many have no respect for their history, when all that matters is a quick buck, when the politicians should “get a pair”, the few who think otherwise can only give up, sell out and move or die. Given the incoming wave of those with no connection to the remnants of this culture, who are happy to see it disappear, what can anyone expect?

  5. I agree with Janice D. Had all that money been put into restoration and repair of existing structures and perhaps some affordable housing units to keep our way of life slightly active, how sweet it would have been. De Blasio buddies no doubt

  6. Hate,Hate Hate the new building. Can be seen from allover.Ruins the skyline of our neighborhood. Belongs in Manhattan not Sheepshead Bay. Don’t know how they got away with this building. Ugly eyesore


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