Who You Calling Underrated?

Source: MTA

Underrated? Underrated by who? I don’t feel underrated and I’m sort of sick of these “poor little southern Brooklyn” routines.

Take this article in Brooklyn Exposed titled, “What To Do In 9 Underrated Brooklyn” (what does that title mean, anyway?).

It’s meant to be a mini-travel guide to exotic locales in Brooklyn and their special brand of charm.

Among other places I love, like Mill Basin, the author lists:

Gravesend – Pour on The Au Jus
You may not have too many reasons to visit this South Central Brooklyn neighborhood, but once you taste the kick-ass melt-in-your-mouth Roast Beef sandwich at Brennan & Carr you will feel justified to visit again and again, and again.  Still not convinced?  Then don’t just take our word for it – this tasty delight served with heavenly au jus gained national fame when Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food stopped by and Adam Richman deemed it one of his “favorite Brooklyn foods”.

This isn’t about hisptersdom. In fact, I banned myself from using the word the first time I ever heard it. I’m not a hater. This is about respect.

Neighborhoods where thousands of people live cannot be “underrated” because we don’t subscribe to a rating. We’re cool like that without even trying.

In fact, most places outside of Southern Brooklyn are overrated. And another thing, don’t call us underrated again or we’ll really get Brooklyn on you.