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Which Slope Slice Should Represent In Upcoming Pizza Throwdown With Fort Greene?

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We’re a relatively well-behaved group here in Park Slope — or so they think.

I’t’s time to roll up our sleeves, because we’re going slice against slice with the Fort Greene neighborhood.

Park Slope Stoop has challenged our sister site Fort Greene Focus in a “slice to the finish.” We’re not sure how it’s going to end, but there may be tomato sauce and cheese all over the walls — because we’re not kidding around.

Here are the rules, because the readers are going to set the standard: All you need to do is vote for the one slice below that you think best represents our neighborhood. The slice that gets the most votes goes head to head with … that other neighborhood. Fort Greene Focus is asking their readers to do the same.

Then, it’s game on. Slice against slice.

We are assembling a group of taste testers who will settle the score. So consider this your pizza rallying cry. Vote below!

Now one other thing: we may not have added your favorite slice. Feel free to put it in a comment below and we’ll add your vote to the list. One vote per reader!

The voting deadline is Friday, June 17 at 6pm – so don’t delay. And let everyone know that their vote counts!

You know what to do…

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