Wanted: Purse-Snatcher Caught On Camera


From reader Kismet:

Around 11 AM today a young woman got her purse snatched on Homecrest Avenue between U and V, closer to V.  He grabbed her purse then kicked her down on the ground.  I saw him run and then she was running after him screaming that he stole her purse.  She fell on the floor pretty bad while chasing him and couldn’t run much after that.  Some workers started chasing him and alerting people to stop the thief.  He ran to Avenue U and then around the corner to East 12th heading to Avenue V.  With all the people around, NO ONE stopped him.
He looked about 30, wearing sunglasses.  The victim said he was a light-skinned hispanic.
The police were called and a report made.
Here is a picture of the scumbag.  The victim stated that she knows of 2 other purse snatching incidents on Homecrest.

Anyone with information is asked to call the 61st Precinct at (718) 627-6611.


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