Vodka Gallery Closes For Good (UPDATE: Or Not)

CLARIFICATION (10/22/2012): We just received a call about this post from a reader who said our post was confusing. Our apologies – it is confusing, and part of that is because we put our latest updates above the piece, with the original post below it. So, to be clear, Vodka Gallery is not closing. They said they were, and had a closing party, but then announced that new management will take over the business and keep it alive.

Below is the update we posted Friday, after finding out our original post, which is below that on this page, no longer reflected the facts.

UPDATE (10/19/2012 @ 4:31 p.m.): We take it all back. Thirty minutes before this post published, the established announced via the very same Facebook page that a deal was struck, and the establishment would stay open under new management. However, it sounds like there’ll be a change in direction.

Here’s what they posted: “Everyone! Vodka Gallery is under new management (**more info to come, including what’s changing**)”

Fans, however, do not seem amused, with one saying they feel lied to, and another accusing them of playing with their heartstrings. We’re just happy to hear there won’t be another vacant storefront.

Original post:

The Vodka Gallery (2376 Coney Island Avenue) has closed its doors for good, but not before holding one last vodka swilling bash this past Saturday, October 13. After four years of sharing shots, good times, and more shots, the Vodka Gallery “moved on to new adventures,” according to its Facebook page.

Rest In Peace.


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