Viral Video: Slow Down, Watch Where You’re Going

A screenshot of the Twitter video.

BORO PARK — A shocking clip emerged yesterday of a young boy being hit by a car while attempting to run across a Borough Park street.In the 20-second clip, the boy is sent flying into the air as the car comes to a sudden halt. The boy lands several feet in front of the car before standing immediately back up and walking away, seemingly unharmed. The footage came from the car’s dashcam, and shows that the incident took place just before 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

The clip comes from Ezra Friedlander, a lifelong Borough Park resident and public relations consultant, who posted it on Twitter yesterday. In a call to Bklyner, Friedlander said he came across the clip in a Borough Park WhatsApp group. He tweeted it at 2:12 p.m., and in less than 24 hours, he said, the tweet had been viewed over 55 thousand times.

Friedlander said that he frequently argues with his wife over whether their kids should cross in the middle of the street. The clip “hit home,” he said. So he decided to tweet it. Soon, “the whole world blew up,” he said.  Friedlander does not know the name of the boy who got hit, nor his family. However, he said, everyone’s talking about it in the community.

Friedlander believed the clip had gone so viral because “people realize, when they see the clip, that literally you can take someone’s life in a few seconds.” The issue is particularly central to the Borough Park area, which is extremely congested, according to Friedlander. Cars are packed bumper to bumper, he said, because there are almost no driveways.

“All it takes is for a kid to run after a ball, or just run across the street to a friend, and someone’s driving down the block and ‘boom!’” Friedlander said. “God forbid.”

The incident occurred just days after 68-year-old Judith Wieder was killed by a cement truck, also in Borough Park.

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Rachel Lindy Baron

Rachel is a reporter for Bklyner and recent Brooklyn transplant who is a bit obsessed with food.


  1. In driving in these areas you become hardened to the idea that you’re going to kill someone someday. People pop out from behind SUVs and Minivans so you can’t see them. Jay walk, cross against the lights. Walk in the street for multiple car lengths. Mothers take small children out of cars from the street side. Bicyclists ignore traffic rules and will just cut across traffic. Don’t wear helmets and don’t have visibility or safety gear.

    It is always the drivers fault. I haven’t seen a bicyclist follow traffic rules in years but there is an outcry when they are killed. What do you expect.

  2. Stop crossing like this. I see this all the time in borough park. Tell your kids to watch. WTH.

  3. Considering the car stopped in the span of a vehicle, the driver definitely wasn’t speeding. Stop blaming drivers when people jump out of nowhere. The child never checked the street, just straight up dashed into the street. I get the kid being hit sucks, but blame it on the child’s parents or the guardian. Someone should’ve been watching the child. Someone should’ve taught the child to not run into the street. Someone should’ve taught the child to cross at crosswalks or look both ways before stepping out from in-between cars.

    It’s a shame drivers get all the blame, when one can be careful, but then you have pedestrians and cyclists ignoring the rules of the road, and an accident will be blamed on the driver first, despite possibly taking as many precautions as possible.

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