The New York Times Discovers Greenwood Heights

The New York Times Discovers Greenwood Heights

photo via NYT/Michael Kirby Smith

The steep, narrow strip of Brooklyn west of Green-Wood Cemetery is South Slope to some, Sunset Park to others. But many today, perhaps swayed by the real estate industry, know it as Greenwood Heights.

The NYT officially welcomes our slightly-southern neighbors into the ranks of “neighborhoods worth profiling.” (The Brooklyn Paper and the WSJ have been on it for years.) Guiding “first-time visitors” through the formerly-nebulous South-South Slope zone, the Gray Lady recommends stops at Baked in Brooklyn, Greenwood Park, and, obviously, Green-Wood Cemetery. Which aren’t bad picks, of course. But don’t they seem a little…obvious? Green-Wood Cemetery and Greenwood Park are easy — what are your picks for Greenwood’s hidden gems?


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