The City Is Removing Trees Damaged By Sandy

Photo by Allan Shweky via
Photo by Allan Shweky via

The city has begun the process of removing tress damaged by Superstorm Sandy. Sheepshead Bites reader Allan Shweky, who runs the Friends of Ocean Parkway, posted a series of photographs on a new site of his, Screwed on the Boardwalk, showing Parks Department workers chopping down trees left dead or dying as a result of Sandy.

As we’ve previously reported, a scourge of dead and dying trees can be spotted in neighborhoods across Southern Brooklyn. The reason that so many trees died isn’t precisely known but experts have speculated that salt water dried out the roots once the summer turned up the heat.

Shweky’s photo collection shows Parks Department workers removing trees near the boardwalk entrance on Ocean Parkway and we’ve also had word that similar actions are being taken on Shore Parkway, along the Belt Parkway.

R.I.P. trees, and here’s hoping the city makes an effort to replant everything they chop down.

Photo by Allan Shweky via
Only a stump remains. (Photo by Allan Shweky via