The bull has died, what you think about schools is wrong, and so much southern BK politics


The bull that escaped a local slaughterhouse last year for a romp in Prospect Park, has died in New Jersey.

Brooklyn Heights neighbors ask, ‘Why doesn’t 194 Columbia Heights’ owner sell already?’

A Brooklyn parent opines: I taught at a nonselective New York City school. Your assumptions about low-scoring students are wrong. (Chalkbeat)

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Community is fundraising to help the family of the 10 year old boy in Bay Ridge who was run over by a car on Monday. If you can – pitch in.

Oh, and more politics:

While the State Sen. Marty Golden doles out awards to three deserving winners of his elementary school Anti-Litter Essay Contest: 

Congressman Dan Donovan is sleeping in his office. While the Congress member decries Washington D.C.’s housing rates are too high, his own bedroom community of Southern Brooklyn is plagued with illegal home conversions, with no moves towards building more affordable housing. 

Congressional candidate for 11th District  Michael Grimm battles back to the spotlight and wears his  convictions like a badge of honor –– oh and blames the Obama administration for using the DOJ politically. “Former New York congressman Michael Grimm is a felon who has admitted to hiring undocumented workers, hiding $900,000 from tax authorities and making false statements under oath. To hear him tell it, that’s a reason Staten Island Republicans should vote him back into office.” (Washington Post – he also reps parts of Southern BK)

Council member Justin Brannan endorsed congressional candidate Max Rose for 11th Congressional District

“This year, I am laser-focused on doing everything I can to help take back the House, said Brannan.  “That’s why we need people like Max Rose. Max has the guts to take on special interests and the backbone to fight like a beast for the middle-class day in and day out. Max won’t take a cent in corporate PAC donations because he refuses to be bought off like everyone else in DC these days. Max’s only priority will be fighting for our fair share of the resources we need and deserve to improve public transportation, defeat the opioid and heroin epidemic, and keep our kids safe from gun violence.”

Democratic District Leader of the 44th Assembly District Jacob Gold, and City Councilmember Carlos Menchaca of the 38th Council district both endorsed gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon.  Nixon has hired Brooklyn based political consultant L. Joy Williams in a valiant attempt to secure the support of Black women voters – a demographic who helped steer some pivotal elections recently.

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  1. L. Joy is nice. Why would she work with Nixon? Oh, right, she a Democrat. Or is she Working Family. I get confused.


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