Terrifying Near Miss At Deadly Ocean Parkway Intersection — And The City Says It Never Happened

Photo of crash by Aaron Mattocks

KENSINGTON – Last night there was another crash at the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Church Avenue, where a few weeks back, neighbor Faustino Garcia was killed.

This time, neighbor Aaron Mattocks tells us he barely escaped unscathed.

Meanwhile, the FDNY and NYPD claim to have no record of the incident, despite photographs Mattocks took to document it.

The crash took place just before 9:00pm last night, when a black Ford truck rammed into a white Lexus that had stopped at the red light at the intersection of Church and Ocean Parkway, propelling the Lexus into the intersection and just missing Mr. Mattocks who was crossing with a companion. They were crossing on what is considered the “safer side” (south side) of Church avenue to cross Ocean Parkway, before it becomes Prospect Expressway.

Both cars were on the North bound side of Ocean Parkway. Mr Mattocks called 911 at 8:59pm, and waited for the first responders, which were the Fire Department.

Photo of crash by Aaron Mattocks

Curiously, when we called the authorities to confirm, neither FDNY nor NYPD seem to have any record of this incident, even though the 911 call lasted 3 minutes. Neighbors also were streaming from the accident site last night using the Citizen app, where the video shows at least two FDNY trucks as having responded.

“I nearly died. Was the driver drunk, or texting? I called 911, waited until firemen arrived, asked to speak to the person in charge and demanded the driver … be given a breathalyzer test,” Mr. Mattocks emailed us and his elected representatives last night. Mr. Mattocks left the scene around 9:15pm, and said he almost called 911 again, as according to him, NYPD had not yet responded to the accident. DCPI does not provide information on minor accidents, we were told earlier today.

Mattocks also said he believed the driver “had fireman’s or police badges on his jacket” — something police could confirm or deny if they acknowledged the incident happened, as Mattocks has the vehicle’s license plate number.

Council Member Brad Lander, whose district includes this intersection, tweeted earlier today that there will be a community meeting about this intersection, hosted jointly with Assemblyman Carroll, with representatives from both NYC and NYS Departments of Transportation and 66th Police Precinct on Monday after next, April 9, at 7:30 pm at PS130 upper school at Caton Avenue and East 7th streets.

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  1. That intersection is a death trap. There should be a pedestrian bridge at Church and speed bumps all the way to Beverly to remind drivers that the Expressway is over and now they are driving near and around pedestrians. OP at Beverly also has weekly accidents.
    The service roads are equally dangerous since lots of drivers use them to commute and not for the purpose they are intended.

  2. Put speed bumps everywhere . Along with cameras that will solve nothing . You need a traffic agent assigned there during peak hours .

  3. So now not only is every pedestrian fatality top news, but near misses are also news. I remember in the 1970s when the media made every assault on a teacher a news item. We don’t hear of any anymore, so am I to believe that teachers are never assaulted anymore? You people in the media ought to be ashamed of how you cover the news.

    Did it occur to anyone that perhaps the first driver made a short stop so as to avoid getting a red light summons and that is what caused the accident? If that were the case, no one would ever admit that a supposed safety measure is making an intersection more dangerous because of your propensity to make all drivers into villains by making every accident into top news. I wonder what news is out there that you are not telling us. There is practically nothing from Sheepshead Bay anymore.

  4. By far the worst intersection I drive a city garbag truck and always make a right turn onto the expressway from church and there is always somebody that needs to come around the left side to make the same turn not seeing if there is anybody crossing the street Or not then you have 18 wheelers and other cars coming from the other side of church so anybody crossing has to deal with all that most people don’t even make it all the way across and get stuck in the middle

  5. Allan, are you actually trying to place the blame on a driver who may have stopped on a yellow light (which is what one is supposed to do, not speed up to beat the red) and not the driver who was obviously driving to closely behind him to stop in time. Amazing!

  6. Allan,
    I’d like to offer you my eyewitness account, which may help explain exactly why this was NOT a short stop.

    I crossed from the far (SB) side of Ocean Parkway, during the walk signal, which means I had enough time to cross three lanes of traffic, and the pedestrian safety medium, before getting to the north bound side of Ocean. As I passed the white Lexus, which had been at a complete stop for 20 seconds at that point, I heard a loud engine revving, looked up and saw the large Ford truck barreling toward the stopped traffic from the previous intersection (Beverley and OP), and realized very quickly that the driver was approaching too quickly and at too high a speed to be able to stop. I immediately started running, and within two-three seconds, heard the driver of the truck slam into the back of the white Lexus, in front of which I had just passed seconds earlier. The Lexus was thrust forward entirely in front of the pedestrian crosswalk. If anyone had been behind me in the crosswalk, they would have been struck by the Lexus.

    The reason why I reported this is because the gentleman who exited the truck was wearing a fireman’s navy blazer with patches on both sleeves. I was concerned that he was either under the influence or had been texting, because he absolutely drove full hilt into stopped traffic at an intersection from almost half a block away.

    So while I appreciate your suspicion, I was nearly struck by a reckless driver and was absolutely concerned for my safety (and my life).

    Oddly, the reporter could not gain access to any record of my 911 call, which lasted three minutes, nor could she gain access to a police report. I found this very distressing and worried that, because the driver was a member of the FDNY, and that the FDNY were the first responders, that the incident was being erased from official logs. I have a photo of the truck’s license plate and will plan to report this to the police.

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