Tea Lounge to Open in Kuwait

Tea Lounge to Open in Kuwait

photo via Facebook

No free outlet at the Tea Lounge across from the Coop? Try the new one. The only catch is that you have to fly to Kuwait first.

In early June, Tea Lounge announced that they were looking for franchisees to expand their caffeinated empire beyond the county of Kings. (Or rather, un-franchisees. Owner Jonathan Spiel stressed that he wasn’t looking for exact replicas of the Brooklyn outlet.) And it turns out that the Tea Lounge folks don’t mess around: when they said they wanted to expand, they meant world-wide.

Well, folks —  it’s happening: according to Patch, confirmed franchisee Mohammed Al-Arbash will be opening a Tea Lounge in Kuwait City, and has plans for more in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

After looking at many concepts in the United States and Europe, we chose to work with Tea Lounge because of its unique concept, beautiful atmosphere, very nice menu and the wide variety of wonderful teas and coffees and specialty drinks,” Al-Arbash said, who is the president of the Al-Arbash Group and Master Franchise for Kuwait. “The focus on customer service and the beautiful looking and great tasting drinks makes it a very special place.”

Cocoa powder latte hearts: the universal language.