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New Map Shows 133% Increase In Moving Violation Tickets In The 70th Precinct

Neighbors have admitted frustration in the past over speeding and other moving violations in Ditmas Park. When 20 MPH speed limits were proposed for much of Brooklyn [/blog/transportation/would-you-support-a-20-mph-speed-limit-over-much-of-our-area] , neighbors said signs would mean nothing without enforcement. When a study about risky behavior in Community District 14 [/blog/transportation/

Belt Parkway

Proposed Local Speed Limit Law Is A Hysterical Reaction

Source: MovieClipsTHE COMMUTE [/author/arosen/]: Last week, Sheepshead Bites reported [/city-council-mulling-25-mph-speed-limit-citywide/] on legislation being considered by the City Council [http://legistar.council.nyc.gov/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=862343&GUID=6E062EC0-0168-4378-A432-8CF34EFC837C&Options=&Search=] to lower the speed limit on city residential streets narrower than 60 feet wide from 30 mph to