Breaking: 3 Car Accident on Avenue X

Around 11:30 this morning, a white Pontiac Bonneville, ran the light at the intersection of Avenue X and Bedford Avenue causing a three car accident.

According to numerous witnesses, the Pontiac was speeding when the driver entered the intersection.

The driver of a silver Nissan was headed North when she spotted the Pontiac out of the corner of her eye. “I saw him and tried to avoid him, but he was going too fast,” said the driver of the Nissan. The Nissan sustained minor damage but was pushed east-bound onto Avenue X.

The Pontiac then hit a parked Toyota Sequioa pushing it about 15 feet into the driveway of an adjacent home. The driver of the Pontiac claims to have had the light and that he wasn’t speeding. A base model Toyota Sequioa weighs in at about 5,680lbs. Draw your own conclusions.

Surprisingly, no one was hurt.