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Photos: Bensonhurst’s 86th Street Festival Keeps Community Vibrant!

Thousands of current and former Southern Brooklynites gathered on the pothole-pocked streets [/dot-repave-potholes-nasty-stretch-86th-street/] of Bensonhurst to munch on arepas, taste-test some homemade pink lemonade, and bargain-down designer-ish handbags at the beloved 86th Street Festival on Sunday, June 8. The festival spanned from 19th Avenue and 86th Street to Bay Parkway

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Tony Muia’s “Slice Of Brooklyn” Brings A Different Kind Of Reality To Your TV Next Wednesday

Click to enlargeWhile trashy, exploitative reality television shows such as Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, the short-lived Russian Dolls and now Brooklyn 11223 continue to multiply like cockroaches, making America see orange [http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anti-orange-people-club-jersey-shore/246175922070663] as our books feel increasingly lonely and dejected [http://giveupinternet.com/2011/