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Storobin Says He’s Going For The “Super Jewish District”


David StorobinState Senator David Storobin will run for re-election in the new Super Jewish district, named that for its dense population of Orthodox Jews.

Th district was drawn up in March as a result of the population changes revealed in the 2010 United States Census. The district includes the neighborhoods of Boro Park and Flatbush.

According to Politicker, Storobin’s main primary opposition, Nachman Caller of the Republican Party, has decided to drop out of the race, and will now support Storobin. Storobin will most likely compete against the Democrat Simcha Felder, a former City Councilman, in the general election. Although Felder began as the frontrunner, much of the area’s voter population has transferred its loyalty to the Republican Party. Storobin told Hamodia that he is looking forward to a civil competition between himself and Felder.

Storobin won the the recount for a special election in corrupt State Senator Carl Kruger’s district about a week ago. Kruger resigned last year, after pleading guilty to bribery charges on the federal level. However, due to the fact that Storobin’s current seat was disassembled in this year’s redistricting process, it was unclear if he would seek re-election.

“I am very happy that I won the previous election,” Storobin said. “I think it was a big victory for the Jewish community. I think it was a big victory for all of those who subscribe to conservative values, and I think we need to continue.”


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  1. This is why I can’t stand clowns like this. I hate it when religion is brought into politics. Wackjob conservative yahoos.

  2. Well I will say one thing nice about him – at least he used the phrase “conservative values” instead of the old trope of simply trying to own the word “values” and that people with different ideas have no values at all. So kudos for a little mensch behavior right there.

    Still, pour one out for the old secular liberal Jewish American voter. We were a big deal once…well…we’ll always have Fyvush Finkel…oy.

  3. Does labeling a district “Super Jewish” mean that non-Orthodox Jews and non-Jews are merely chopped liver?
    That’s no way to attract independents and fence-sitting voters.
    It remains to be seen if he’s the Little Mensch That Could.

  4. i enjoy knowing the government of America is Athiest……….Cause if there is Religion involved Fuck this shit.

  5. Christians are for kindling, like in the good ole days… If only we were chopped liver we might garner some political favor aside from “tax base.” Judging by the already “super jewish” areas and the political favors they enjoy, like low property taxes and police that respond to 911 calls.. Nice to see the $14 Million homes on Ocean Parkway pay less property taxes than I do – ah to be Super Jewish.

  6. On June 26th, we may have Charles Baron as the Democratic nominee for Congress. Does anyone know who the Republicans have nominated?  Is Hakim Jefferies awake and running vs. Baron or is his team of Manhattan brainiacs running the campaing by remote control?

  7. Barack Obama will run very far behind in this state senate district, that will be some help for David Storobin. The key to this district, however, will be Dov Hikind, who is more conservative and has more EDs than any other Assemblymember overlapping the Felder-Storobin district. Hikind will be running on both the Democratic and Republican lines.

    If Hikind leans toward Simcha Felder, it will be very tough for Mr. Storobin to win.

  8. i’m sure this will turn into :”which one of you hates gays more????? I do I do!!!, no pick me, me!!!!”

  9. Mr Storobin’s “conservative values” boils down to nothing but blatant BIGOTRY for his own personal political gain. 


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