Speed Cameras Will Turn Back On In Time for School Year

Photo: Zainab Iqbal/Bklyner

A month after speed cameras shut down across New York, a deal to turn them back on has been brokered between the City Council, the Mayor and the Governor—just in time for students to return to school.

Council Speaker Corey Johnson said over the weekend that the Mayor would help expedite a City Council bill to start the issuing of tickets, while the Governor would let the city access DMV records of those caught speeding.

Earlier this summer, the State Senate failed to pass legislation to continue the speed camera program, which led to outcry from residents, transit activists and local politicians. In Brooklyn, much of the ire was focused on State Senator Marty Golden, prompting protests outside his Bay Ridge office.

Local politicians and transit activists took to Twitter to express their appreciation for the move, which has dominated local politics during the summer:



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Paul Stremple

Paul was a staff reporter at Bklyner, responsible for covering Northern and Eastern parts of Brooklyn between August 2017 and January 2019.


  1. State Senator Simcha Felder was complicit in refusing to vote for the continuance of the speed camera bill.His was the lone deciding vote holding up passage in the last session.

  2. But then the Dems couldn’t beat up on Marty who is vulnerable due only to the attention given to this. Dems rolled over for Simcha.

    I wonder if the AAA has the balls to challenge(and win) this in court? It’s not kosher.

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