So Much Pigeon Poop In Park Slope

So Much Pigeon Poop In Park Slope
Birds Over 4th Avenue

Across the five boroughs, pigeons are wreaking havoc with their ample poop, but nobody complains about it more than Park Slopers. According to a piece in the Times, the most complaints to 311 about “unsanitary pigeon conditions” since 2010 have come from our neighborhood.

And there is, apparently, a lot to complain about — they note that every pigeon lets loose about 25 pounds of poop annually!

If you file a complaint, the city won’t clean it up for you, but they do provide some warnings about what you might, possibly, contract when you do it yourself: the diseases histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. Not to worry, though, as they say “routine cleaning of droppings (e.g. from windowsills) does not pose a serious health risk to most people.” But just to be safe, wear disposable gloves.

Gross as it may be, it’s not all bad. According to the site Pigeon and Dove Rescue, pigeon poop was once used as a dowry because it breaks down easily into a fertilizer that’s good for vegetables. We wonder if you’ll be able to add it to your curbside compost bin