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Protestors Take to the Streets in Crown Heights After Rally for Slain Saheed Vassell


CROWN HEIGHTS – After Wednesday’s killing of 34-year old Saheed Vassell at the hands of the NYPD, crowds gathered at the corner of Utica Avenue and Montgomery Street to mourn the neighbor’s passing. State Senator Jesse Hamilton spoke at a vigil, starting at 4:40 pm, the time Vassell was shot the day before.

After Hamilton spoke, community organizers moved the rally across the street, in front of the barbershop where Vassell was known to hang out. Vassell’s mother and brother addressed the growing crowd as well, which swelled in numbers as the sun set.

Finally, the restless crowd took to the streets, marching down Empire Boulevard to the 71st Police Precinct in protest, calling for justice for Vassell and an end to police shootings.

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  1. Three calls to 911. They didn’t recognize him as a local oddity; he scared them. Why didn’t anyone who knew him locally take charge. Everyone assumed God was watching over him.


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