86th Street Rite Aid Clerk Attacked By Drunk Man

The Rite Aid at Bay 40th and 86th Street. (Source: Google Maps)
The Rite Aid at Bay 40th and 86th Street. (Source: Google Maps)

A clerk working at the Rite Aid located at Bay 40th Street and 86th Street was attacked by a drunken man with a long rap street. Brooklyn News reported that the assault started over a dubious lottery ticket and, well, drunkenness.

The incident happened when the soused man, identified as 31-year-old Sebastian Papaleo, ambled into the Bensonhurst Rite Aid at 11:30 p.m. this past Saturday night. Papaleo claimed he had a winning lottery ticket and the Brooklyn News described the ensuing scene:

The man insisted he had won and demanded the clerk pay him and then charged behind the counter.
The crazed ticket-holder then allegedly ripped the clerk’s pants pocket off and demanded the clerk open all the registers.
Papaleo was arrested and charged with robbery.

Whatever it is New York City’s convenience store clerks get paid, especially the ones that work the night shifts, is simply not enough.


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