PS 889 / IS 890 Will Get Traffic Safety Improvements … Next Year

PS 889 / IS 890 Will Get Traffic Safety Improvements … Next Year

KENSINGTON/DITMAS PARK — NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) has finished their traffic study, according to the Assemblymember Robert Carroll, and have agreed to install a traffic light at the corner of Coney Island Avenue and Hinckley Place to aid in traffic calming in front of IS 890 and PS 889 co-located at 510 Coney Island Avenue.

The new school building opened this September, with no safe way for children to get there. That will likely remain the case until next year.

“I am pleased that NYC DOT has concluded that this stretch of Coney Island Avenue is too busy and dangerous to have children crossing without a traffic light and crosswalk,” Carroll said. “I am now asking that DOT move as quickly as possible to make sure that this installation takes place no later than January 2018.”

The only additional safety measure DOT seems to be proposing is eliminating a left turn onto Turner Place from Coney Island Avenue, and painting a median – they need to get CB12 to approve the changes. “DOT thinks these measures will eliminate the need for a traffic signal, but will study the issue again if it does not”, Assemblymember added.

For comparison, here are the traffic calming measures by the PS130 that opened a couple years ago a few blocks away on Caton Avenue, also a local truck route: