Phony ‘No Parking’ Signs Infuriate Cobble Hill Residents

Phony ‘No Parking’ Signs Infuriate Cobble Hill Residents
Photo by Pamela Wong/BKLYNER

[UPDATE: April 27, 2017, 12:40pm—BKLYNER has received a tip that those affected can try contacting NYC Department of Finance and request a refund for the parking tickets. Good luck!]

Cobble Hill residents already upset about the development of luxury condos on former Long Island College Hospital (LICH) sites were further enraged recently by the project’s contractors who put up fake “No Parking” signs on Henry street—cheating locals out of parking spots and cash.

The suspicious-looking signs were hung near a construction site on Henry between Amity and Pacific Streets in January by contractors working for the site’s landowners, Fortis Property Group, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports.

The Cobble Hill Association began an investigation after many neighbors complained about receiving parking tickets. The association contacted NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) who sent an inspector to check out the signs in early April.

The inspector determined the signs, placed by Scala Contracting Company, were indeed phony, the Daily Eagle states.

The signs have since been removed, but now residents are demanding their money back for the parking tickets they paid.

NYS Senator Daniel Squadron and Council Member Brad Lander are working with the Cobble Hill Association to ensure that either Fortis or Scala reimburse the cheated locals.

Opened in 1858, LICH was Brooklyn’s first teaching hospital. The site has been the cause of much strife since the hospital’s closing in 2014, with neighbors and local politicians demanding that another medical facility open on the campus (there is currently a NYU Langone Medical Center at 83 Amity Street) and that the project includes a new school and affordable housing units.

Fortis currently has no plans to include a school nor affordable housing, according to DNA Info.


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