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Officials Crack Down On Jet Skiing In Sheepshead Waters

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Jet ski riders of Jamaica Bay will have to find another place to enjoy the summer weather, zooming and splashing around on their jets.

Well, its either that or the risk of getting caught and fined for performing an illegal action.

Park officials around the Bay are cracking down on the decade-old ban on jet skiing in Jamaica Bay to protect the wildlife in the area, National Parks officials said.

The ban was officially put into place in 2001, yet it has not been enforced over the past decade. Currently however, those caught zipping down the stream are given a warning, or a ticket as high as $75, according the Daily News. These penalties have been in effect since the beginning of the summer season.

The ban has left several Jamaica Bay jet ski riders frustrated and agitated, and operators of jet ski rental companies complain that it’s hurting business.

“We get harassed constantly by (the US Parks Police),” Anthony Stallone, operator of the jet ski rental service at Emmons Avenue’s Venice Marina, told the Daily News.

Stallone, 41, said that he was out on a jet ski with friends, enjoying the sunny weather of early June, when they were bombarded and fined by a hoard of federal officials. Stallone felt as though this was a trap. He said that the officials were waiting for them as soon as they exited the Bay.

Upset or not, unfair or not, riders must decide whether or not they are willing to stand up to the ban and risk being fined, or whether they should just give in, and find another waterway in which jet ski riding is legal.

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  1. There is a ban since 2001 says no Jet Ski in this area? okay so why are there Jet Ski businesses in a wildlife sancturary?  Why is the fine so low? only whimps jet ski in a bay get out on the ocean.

  2. I don’t understand the geography. I thought Jamaica Bay is bounded on the west by the Marine Park bridge, Bergen Beach, Canarsie, etc.  Why would Sheepshead Bay be involved with this.

        And why cant the jet-skiiers just use the waters of manhattan beach-brighton beach-coney island? The ocean’s not big enough? There’s enough beachgoers along the water for them to show off to!

  3. Sheepshead Bay is part of Jamaica Bay. Technically, Jamaica Bay is bounded to the west by New Jersey – Jamaica Bay is huge. The area you’re thinking of is Gateway, which is also within Jamaica Bay. Plumb Beach is part of Gateway, so it goes more west than the Marine Park bridge.

  4. I just put up a link on facebook this a.m.
    It affects quite a few jet ski owners.
    Take a look at “The surf blog spot”. It’s been going on in California for YEARS @ Ghost Tree and Moss Landing because they are in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. It is affecting surfers as well.

    It’s not the jet ski’s it’s the riders
    They brought this on themselves
    Come into Gerittsen creek and watch them violate the NO WAKE zones constantly on the way to Tamaqua  for fuel
    Ban them in the whole area

  6. Jet ski riders should be allowed in Jamaica Bay , Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach and Coney Island. What the sense of living by the water if you can’t enjoy it! Should be able to enjoy all water sports as long as it is far enough out away from the swimmers at the beach areas.

  7. Just a bunch of jealous minimum wage goons, who grew up spending 8 hours a day in front of the t.v wearing their crap filled diapers. It’s NOT the purpose of government to tell you that you can’t jet ski in open waters around Sheapshead Bay, they employ predatory tactics by ambushing boaters who leave their dockage slips.

  8. Yum yeah let’s ban boats to… The wildlife is so important, the worlds coming to an end and people are worried about wild life.

    What we should do is ban all the government agency’s that CAN’T support themseleves. Governments that can’t support themseleves are cost tax payers money for there useless services.

    Let’s ban EVERYTHING. Wildlife! What wildlife!?!?!? And boats don’t harm wildlife, let’s be equal….

    And according to the “MAP” jamica bay is not ferris on beach.

  9. Last year there were a few jet skiers cutting up Sheepshead Bay. They were all the way by West End Ave. showing off. Most of the kids that ride these things have no respect for the ocean and it inhabitants. I was told at the time the kids rent them. (Kids 20ish)

  10. So the US Parks Dept is “protecting” the same wildlife like geese, that Emperor Bloomberg delights in gassing by the thousands along with their goslings? And the hundreds of thousands of other water fowl living in the area that the Port Authority and FAA want destroyed to protect the plane traffic at JFK?
    Oh, okay.. makes sense.

    The wonders of government never cease to amaze. All of the evil businesses who rent jet skis to those terrible people who want to experience the local water ways that they pay taxes for in their country should all go out of business, lose their homes and go on welfare and move into a nice housing project. That is what Liberal Government is all about, no freedom but your living is free unless you pay taxes then you are neither free nor get anything. 

    George Washington must be tired of spinning in his grave over the last four years and must be thinking why ever did he fight. As are so many other of The Greatest Generation, who in their twilight years have gotten to see the destruction of everything they fought and suffered for. and are now left questioning why they even bothered, being thankful that they will not live to see the coming decades of the collapsing Republic.

  11. I understand the Jamaica Bay ban (where in this case I define Jamaica Bay as only the Bay bounded by Rockaway, Bergen Beach, etc.

     I don’t see why they can’t jet-ski off Brighton or Coney Island beach. I mean, what’s next, banning boats?

  12. I could see it now “Man floating off Brighton Beach mowed under by jet ski”.
    If the kids that rent and cause the problems could control themselves long enough to get to the open waters it would be good. I think most of them are scared of going out.
    Besides who would they show off too?
    Some respectable jet skiers use the craft to get from place to place without damaging anything, these are the people that lose out.

  13. WAVE RUNNERS UPSETING THE ECO IN JAMAICA BAYWhat about all the JET fuel going right into Jamaica Bay from Kennedy Airport that is located on Jamaica Bay.!!! they say the waverunners are to noisey what about living next to the airport , planes take off and land there is nothing worst than that. ther are plenty of vessels that are loud on the bay lots of boats have thru hull exhaust.They say they did a impact study, well where is it .They schould have done it in the back of the bay next to the airport were the fish are spawing and the birds are nesting right next to the airport. I wonder how much jet fuel gets into JAMACIA BAY.what kind of impact does to JAMAICA BAY. What about Laguardia airport ,right next to the water. It just seems like a witch hunt against wave runners, Today most of the waverunners are 4-stroke engines no oil in the water with exhaust. What about the Diesel boats in the bay.Like the POLICE BOAT get a wiff of that exhaust most of it ends up in the water, the fumes are enough to give you lung cancer .THE BAN is unfair,and does not make sence,what can we do, If waverunners follow the same rules and navagaite the same water ways what is the differance Did you know that jet boats have the same engines as the wave runner the only thing that is different is the class on the registration. They are not baned Why ?The next thing will be no motorcycles on the belt parkway TOO NOISEY too fast i dont like them ban them Thanks

  14. I think what happened is simple politics, just like with everything else these days we are living in a police state. A couple of idiots made it hot that is my guess. Being on the water riding jet ski’s has been my thing since 2007, I was docked right next to harbor whom never gave me any trouble, no idea there was even a ban. Seen parks so many time with not even a turned head now this, makes no sense really the whole thing is pure stupidity but that is how politics work.

    They built several dumps on the bay, not a problem.

    Built a airport, also rumored to expand. Wide life is shot at all day long with shot guns, Not a problem.

    Sewers run off right into the bay, not a problem.

    Think about how many more boaters are out there, and the capacity of fuel the boats hold, hrs spent on the water when compared to a jet skier, it most be the jet  skis that are used maybe 3 months out of the year polluting the waters.

    How many drunk boaters are involved in accidents or deaths in Jamaica Bay related to boaters? blame the jet skiers for driving like assholes, boaters are perfect respectable people.

    NYS DMV has no problem taking your registration money, but do they inform you that you can not use your jet ski anywhere in Jamaica Bay, are there any signs anywhere in the bay that say you can not ride a Jet ski, how should one know about the ban?

    Learn the boundary’s of Jamaica bay if you still play to ride, also try to advoid Sunday rides, do not even try it on the 4th.
    Time to move from this shit hole of a city.

  15. Learn to spell, and educate yourself. Boaters drive like total assholes also. If you have a ban on the jet ski’s then boats should also be banned.

  16. why was there a airport built?, or several dumps in the wildlife sanctuary? explain why it is so polluted, could it those jet skis that are used 3 months out of the year? I wonder.

  17. if jetski riders obeyed the rules maybe people wouldnt be so against jetski’s near swimming areas… but they don’t

  18. Who is saying anything about riding near swimming area’s, the bay is not a swimming area. There are just as many asshole boaters as there are jet ski’s

  19. Absolutely. I suggest we have a huge hunt and just kill off all the wildlife in Jamaica Bay once and for all so the problem will be very neatly solved. Then we can get jet skis because these are the important things in life. This is the pursuit of happiness our forefathers were talking about.

    Do you really believe that the rights of a few individuals supersedes the need to maintain the balance of nature?  Do you understand that the Park System was set up more than 100 years ago in part to protect species from extinction?

    Don’t start that line about government oppression. Because that argument in this context can be interpreted to mean that you favor the elimination of all laws. Of you would tell me that some laws are necessary to maintain order in society. Well the laws you find oppressive are supposed to maintain order and balance in the world. They set the boundaries for our irresponsible behavior. It’s hardly enough, so much for being oppressed.

  20. What ever happened to this country, land of the free. Its now a dictatorship. I will take the tickets all summer long so one has to put food on the table for those scum bags.

  21. The founders of this country understood that freedom without responsibility leads to no freedom at all. The major course of our progress over the past two hundred and thirty six years would have stunned them. The Jeffersonians would have been horrified by the urbanization of this country and how low our consideration for being caretakers of the planet we live has sunk. Even the Hamiltonians would be stunned by our collective self-concern at the expense of the environment we live in.

    The “Greatest Generation” lived through the period when liberal thought lead to many positive changes in our society. Do not exploit them in support of arguments they may not agree with.

  22. im 45 years old from brooklyn new york ,i now live in wilmington DE ,i still come up to the rockaways beach chanel dr ramp with my ski ,at times i see jet ski right at the ramp ,how ever there are a few that make it bad for the others that obey the law ,i dont see any harm a jet ski can do going into the shipping lane out to the open waters .i just did a run with the jettyjumpers .the Jetskirallys .out of new york city and long Island .no problems ,at all .i cant see the harm to wild life at all ,cause if you know the rockaways and the gate way area then u know it a wrap for you and the ski if you go into the area as it is very shallow. i have lived in nyc over   35 years ,all the boat that discharge ,the planes that use to dump fuel ,city sanatation, the water and sewage plants ,  all the barges that come up and down ,the fuel that goes to kendy airport ,all the way from new jersy refinery .the people that fish off the bridges ,cross bay ,all the boat shops ,and all the old boat that are still half sunk in the waters ,not to mention the damm space shuttle just hit the bridge as well .its like certain people hate the jet skis thats all .i dont see how a jet ski hurt wild life ,when you have  no proof .if you get caught speeding in a no wake zone ,the your ass need to get a ticket ,if this is the case then every one should be band not just the jet ski …new york city is a sess pool  of crooks ! and money hungry laws .if they were so concerned with the wild life ,why dont they start with the fucking RATS  that run around the city in broad day light .then the roaches ,the cars and bus and trucks that pollute the air .how many times i been behind a bus  and soon as it pulls off black smoke all over the place ,and kids on the bus ,but were big on the wild life persevere .give me a freaking break .if you break the law then u deal with what ever u have to .you reg a car and insure it ,then they tell you its a law you cant drive it off the block and the cops are waiting for you at the end of the ….its up to you new york ,NEEEEEEW    YORK …….

  23. you are so correct ! i guest the wildlife they mean is the the big ass Rats on the A train and carnsie pier 

  24. This is bullshit… where am i supposed to ride it? My ski is parked right next to Jamaica bay so once i come out i’m automatically in it… pathetic. 

  25. I have been sailing out of Sheepshead Bay for over 25 years and Only Once did I ever have a problem with jet skiers!  This was only one abuser that was cutting around inside the Bay at high speeds.   He didn’t realize the havoc his wake was causing until someone TOLD him.  He then toned it down to about 5 knots and examined the damage to his jet ski’s hull after running into “debris” on the water.   There should NOT be ANY restrictions on jet skis..other than those placed on ALL boats.   I do, however, feel that just like all other boaters, jet skiers need to take the boater’s saftety course if for no other reason than to be safe on the water.    That’s my 2 cents!!! 

  26. They should ban them in Brighton Beach and Coney Island, and all public beaches–give them HUGE fines before someone gets killed.  Do you know how many close calls I’ve seen? I hear complaints from swimmers every single weekend, saying they come too close. They come into the beach to pick up girls and don’t care who they run over.  I was just talking to some divers who said they had one run right over their divers, ignoring the dive flags, and when they pulled him over to tell him to be more careful and why, FU was his response. As usual.  I once was in water so shallow I could stand and when I told a jet skier he shouldn’t be in so close he actually gunned his 650lb machine at my head and I had to dive out of his way, rolling onto the beach!  And you wonder why people hate jet skis?  There are many responsible ones out there, but the bad apples are bad to the core and there needs to be consequences for people who deliberately put others at risk.

  27. Oh so jet ski are bad, but a huge polluting boats arent?
    I’m looking into this. And god forbids I find out that some one is making money on this. There got to be legal ways to over turn this scam.


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