Ocean Avenue Footbridge Now Open!

Ocean Avenue Footbridge Now Open!

The Ocean Avenue footbridge connecting Sheepshead Bay to Manhattan Beach has reopened, making good on the Department of Transportation’s promise that beachgoers would be able to enjoy it by Memorial Day.

The 135-year-old bridge closed approximately 2.5 months ago to allow contractors access and protect the bridge against a shipworm infestation.

The department found marine borers in the 135-year-old footbridge as part of a comprehensive survey of all submerged DOT structures that began in 1999, as well as eight other locations across New York City. Marine borers – also known as shipworms – eat wood and undermine its stability.

The pilings have been treated and wrapped in airtight plastic to prevent future damage.

It’s unclear if the work is complete; the DOT’s contract included a clause that ordered workers out of the water by Memorial Day, with work to continue after the beach season if not complete. DOT did not respond to requests for comment from Sheepshead Bites in time for this story.