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Ocean Avenue Footbridge Now Closed Following Weather-Related Delays

Ocean Avenue Footbridge Now Closed Following Weather-Related Delays

The Ocean Avenue footbridge [/tag/ocean-ave-footbridge/] connecting Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach closed this morning, kicking off a two-and-a-half month process to rid the structure of shipworms [/sheepshead-bay-foot-bridge-close-2-5-months-fight-worm-infestation/]. The bridge was originally slated to close at the beginning of March, but foul weather caused delays until today. The Department of


Sheepshead Bay Footbridge Finally Reopens – Pedestrians, Rejoice!

Photo by Erica ShermanIt’s taken some serious beatings over the course of its 131-plus years of existence, most recently during the unprecedented swath of destruction unleashed by Superstorm Sandy, but after months of repairs by Department of Transportation contractors [/in-aftermath-of-sandy-footbridge-gets-much-needed-repairs/], Sheepshead Bay’s Ocean Avenue footbridge has finally reopened.

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Ocean Avenue Footbridge Slated For Year-End Reopening

Photo by Brian HooThe Department of Transportation has been repairing the 131-year-old Ocean Avenue footbridge [/in-aftermath-of-sandy-footbridge-gets-much-needed-repairs/] spanning Sheepshead Bay into Manhattan Beach since the first days after Superstorm Sandy nearly destroyed it [/damage-report-manhattan-beach-brighton-beach-huge-flooding-landmarks-wiped-out/] . Now the agency tells Sheepshead Bites that the project is slated for completion by the end of