NYPD Makes Arrest On East 17th Street And Ave T

Courtesy of our tipster.

We just received this photo and the following note from a reader:

Today at 2:20 PM I saw a bunch of teenagers firing BB guns at each other on East 17 Street and Ave T. One of teens was also assaulted. They were firing as small children made their way home from the school on East 17th and Ave S. I called the police and they arrived within 5 minutes. They arrested at least one of the teens involved and also took the car, a white jeep that he was driving. Police also recovered at least 2 BB guns. The other teens involved fled down East 17 Street towards Ave S in a green Ford 15 passenger van right before the police arrived. Good response and work by the officers of the 61st PCT. The Seargent who spoke with me was very courteous, professional, and wanted to help.

Funny story. I know a kid who was a friend of another kid. The two got their hands on BB guns back in high school and decided to play games like this. One kid takes aim at the other kid’s… uh… junk… and fires away. Well, one BB went through his pants, through his underwear and through his skin before lodging itself in his… uh… junk. They were too scared to go to the hospital, so the kid disinfected and bandaged it himself.

Ten years later, this kid still has a BB in his… uh… junk.

This is the part where I’d remind children not to play with BB guns, and especially don’t fire them at each other’s… uh… junk. But the kid recently told me that women love it. So I have no advice here.


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