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How Did The City Handle The Snow Storm? Let Us Know!

This was not yesterday’s snow. This was much worse.

When it snowed in the beginning of the month – the first challenge of the new de Blasio administration – we received a slew of e-mails, phone calls and social media comments claiming that the city was botching the job and streets remained unplowed.

When it snowed yesterday, we heard nary a peep from our readers.

On the surface it would seem that residents appeared more satisfied with the city’s response to yesterday’s snow than they had been to the previous winter storm. But the New York Post disagrees. On the front page of the paper today, an all-caps headline reads “SHAMBLES! Turmoil as Blas botches ‘early’ snow.” The story claims that the Sanitation Department was caught off guard because the snow fell earlier than predicted, and zeros in on “tony” Upper East Side residents who claim they were neglected because they didn’t vote for Bill de Blasio. At the core of that claim is the Sanitation Department’s plow tracker map, which showed that the neighborhood had not received timely plowing. The New York Post, being the New York Post, neglected to mention the huge swaths of the outerboroughs that showed the same thing. (The Sanitation Department claimed that it was due to a broken GPS, and the Upper East Side had indeed been plowed. That’s comforting, right?).

Here in Southern Brooklyn, major streets were plowed regularly and side streets less frequently, as is the routine. As anyone who put shovel to concrete yesterday knows, it took about five minutes for the snow to again completely blanket the sidewalk. On our little side street, we did see the plows running regularly, even if it didn’t make much of an impact, but we haven’t seen any salt spreaders which would be useful in ridding ourselves of that last two inches of impact snow on the asphalt.

So our take is this: we’ve seen worse snow, and we’ve seen worse management of the snow. It could be better – more regular plowing and some salt would be nice, as would enforcement of laws requiring homeowners and businesses clear their sidewalks.

What do you think? Where does the city’s snow management need improvement?

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  1. Sanitation did an okay job in Manhattan Beach. Not down to the blacktop, but that’s because they didn’t treat the roads before the storm began. Thankfully its fluffy on the side streets so you can drive right through it like those commercials on TV. Sunday into Monday we may have another big storm coming… Yikes

  2. It appears that by this morning all the streets were plowed at least one time. It appears that people living in Manhattan aren’t used to seeing any snow the day after a storm. I work in Manhattan, and I always say that it looks as though it hadn’t snowed at all!

  3. Homeowners and apt. buildings that do not clean their sidewalks after the allotted time to do so, should be hit with big fines. Sorry, there is no excuse for this. Plenty of people out there looking to make a few extra $$$$$$$$$ by shoveling sidewalks!!!

  4. Fannie, it is the best in Manhattan thanks to all the heated pipes underground. Helps the snow to melt really quickly,

  5. I live on a side street and my block was plowed at least 6 times yesterday, once with 2 trucks plowing at the same time. It was plowed on Wednesday also and again today, although it wasn’t needed. It’s about time the outer boroughs were taken care of the way they should be. Now those who live in Manhattan have a taste of what it’s like to live in the outer boroughs !!

  6. forget plowing they could have salted/sanded the roads Tuesday morning as they were basically a sheet of ice until the snow started really accumulating.


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