Winter Storm Watch This Weekend, A Possible 4-6 Inches of Snow

Winter Storm Watch This Weekend, A Possible 4-6 Inches of Snow
Photo: Nathan Haselby

Get your snow boots and shovels ready because we may quite possibly get hit with 4 to 6 inches of snow this weekend, ending the spring-like days!

A winter storm watch is in effect from Saturday at 6 pm to Sunday morning. Temperatures are not expected to go below 34 degrees on Saturday, and will be back up as high as 50 degrees on Sunday, quite possibly melting everything away.

The Department of Sanitation has issued a snow alert for Saturday evening and will continue to monitor forecasts and provide updates as the snow approaches.

The National Weather Service advises you to plan on difficult travel conditions, significant reductions in visibility, and isolated power outages that are possible because of the weight of snow.

Photo: Nathan Haselby

Here are some usual tips from the NYC Emergency Management Department:

For Motorists

Drive slowly. Posted speed limits are for ideal weather conditions. Vehicles take longer to stop on snow and ice than on dry pavement.Use major streets or highways for travel whenever possible.Four-wheel drive vehicles may make it easier to drive on snow-covered roads, but they do not stop quicker than other vehicles.Keep the name and phone number of at least one local towing service in your vehicle in case you break down or become stuck in snow.If you get stuck on the road, stay with your vehicle and contact a towing company.

For Pedestrians

Exercise caution and avoid slippery surfaces; some ice may not be visible.Wear layers including a hat, gloves/mittens, and a scarf to stay protected from the cold.Keep clothes and shoes dry, if a layer becomes wet, remove it.Keep fingertips, earlobes, and noses covered if you go outside.Have heightened awareness of cars, particularly when approaching or crossing intersections.Wear sturdy boots that provide traction to reduce slipping. Use handrails when using stairs.Seniors should take extra care outdoors to avoid slips and falls from icy conditions.

Don’t forget to enjoy the weather and send us your photos when you take them!


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