Nick’s Lobster House – A Marine Park Tradition

Nick’s Lobster House – A Marine Park Tradition
"2-for-1" lobsters at Nick's. Photo Courtesy of Haley-May Block.
“2-for-1” lobsters at Nick’s. Photo Courtesy of Haley-May Block.

Looking for authentic, New England-style seafood, but don’t want to leave the neighborhood? We got just the place for you.

At Nick’s Lobster House, located at 2777 Flatbush Ave, you can sit on the canopied patio overlooking the water of Mill Basin while you dine on seafood dishes from the signature lobster to baked clams, fresh fish, and crab, and imagine you are on vacation.  For those who don’t quite have their sea legs, there is a “landlover” section on the menu that includes steaks, burgers, chicken and more.

The lobster house started in 1955, when a fisherman named Nick docked his boat at the restaurant’s current location on Flatbush Avenue. For the first few years, Nick sold fresh seafood right off of his boat. His clientele base grew until it became the family-owned restaurant we know and love today.

Tuesday is the hottest day of the week at Nick’s because they do a spectacular “2-for-1” lobster deal. The bargain is two lobsters of equal size for the price of one, and one side dish is included.

“With the freshest food around brought in directly from Maine and kept live in our tanks, you are sure to have an amazing meal at Nick’s Lobster,” boasts Nick’s Lobster House’s Facebook page. “Our mom and pop restaurant is known for our amazing lobster, fresh clams, great specials, and fish market.” We agree.

Nick’s is also a seafood market where locals can go to buy fresh seafood to cook at home.

At Nick’s, simplicity is highly valued. They only serve beer and wine as far as alcohol goes, and the menu prices are very reasonable.

So if you’re searching for dinner plans tonight, look no further than Nick’s. Or plan ahead to catch their “2-for-Tuesday” lobster deal; we promise you won’t regret it.


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