New Workspaces Coming Soon For Artists In Gowanus And Sunset Park

New Workspaces Coming Soon For Artists In Gowanus And Sunset Park
The Yard: Gowanus, 3rd Avenue Rendering by Lucy Ekaia

With the Center for an Urban Future’s recent report showing the influx of artists to Brooklyn over the years, it’s good to hear that two new facilities are being developed to accommodate some of them.

The Yard: Gowanus is slated to open September 1, 2017. Founded in 2011 by Morris Levy and Richard Beyda, The Yard is a shared office space with locations across the northeast, including two locations in Williamsburg. The Yard provides private offices, co-working space, conference rooms, WiFi, event spaces, and various amenities.

“That area has always been a place where artists could go for relatively inexpensive space,” Levy says about Gowanus. “As the area gets built up, that becomes more of a challenge, so we’re having a certain amount of space set aside [for artist studios].”

“From early on, it’s always been a super important part of what we do—bringing in the local artists,” he adds.

157 13th Street, location of The Yard: Gowanus (Photo by Kate Leonova, April 11, 2006 via Property Shark)

The new 24,800-square-foot facility located in a converted warehouse at 157 13th Street (at 3rd Avenue) will feature 80 offices and co-working space which will accommodate 36 additional members. The Gowanus location will host an Art Program where it will select up to four artists bi-annually to serve as Ambassadors. The selected artists will receive discounted workspace at the facility for six months, access to all the amenities, and be part of a Gallery Night that will showcase their artwork.

For the Ambassadors, Levy says they are looking for artists who are “passionate and who are doing different things.” He adds that they will select artists open to collaboration since that’s “what a co-working space is all about—getting together and working on projects with people and spread[ing] creativity throughout the community.”

If you’re interested in applying to become an Ambassador and receiving a discounted workspace, check out The Yard’s website for more information.

The Yard: Gowanus is also hosting an open call to create a mural on a three-story, approximately 100-foot-wide wall in its 1,492-square-foot interior courtyard. The selected artist will receive the materials needed to complete the mural, a free six-month residency at the Gowanus facility, and a $2,000 grant.

While the mural should evoke the feeling of collaboration and community, Levy says he doesn’t want to dictate the theme. “You never know what artists are going to come up with. Trying to guide [them] is stifling,” he explains. “I’m excited about what’s going to come. I’m sure they will exceed my expectations. They always do.”

Interested artists can check out The Yard’s website for details on how to submit a proposal for the mural project. Deadline for submissions is Friday, August, 4.

Alternately, 50,000 square feet at Sunset Park’s Brooklyn Army Terminal (140 58th Street) is being converted into artist studios, according to NY1.

Once complete, the facility will become the headquarters of ArtBuilt Brooklyn, an organization that provides affordable workspace and other services to New York City’s creative workforce. ArtBuilt collaborated with the NYC Economic Development Corporation and Department of Cultural Affairs to secure this spacious location.

The space will be divided into individual artist studios ranging between 250 to 4,000 square feet, NY1 reports, accommodating fifty tenants including fine artists, woodworkers, and set designers who will pay below-market rent on long-term leases.

The space is currently under construction with an anticipated launch date for later this year.

Check out NY1 for a peek inside the ArtBuilt Brooklyn space at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

BKLYNER reached out to ArtBuilt Brooklyn to inquire how artists can apply for a spot at the Brooklyn Army Terminal facility. This post will be updated when we hear back.


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