New Japanese Restaurant Blooms Swiftly, As Yami-Ichi Softly Opens

Photo by Park Slope Stoop

The neighborhood boasts a brand new, authentic Japanese izakaya with this week’s soft opening of Yami-Ichi (206 Garfield Place).

The opening happened surprisingly fast, since Chef/owner Saeri Yoo Park announced the closing of Moim on January 30. The Korean restaurant had been in business since 2007.

Park told us that Chef Yoshi Haramoto would be opening Yami-Ichi after “making soba and udon in his mother’s Tokyo restaurant nearly 40 years ago.”

Yami-Ichi is an izakaya — a Japanese “gastropub” that serves tapas-style plates as well as a selection of sake and whiskies. These drinking establishments are very common in Japan.

At first glance, the menu is rather expansive. Otsumami (appetizers) feature Hiyayakko (cold tofu with bonito flakes and scallion), shisito peppers, and Tsukemono (Japanese pickles).

The fish selections are diverse, including Tako Wasabi (raw octopus in wasabi sauce), Ika Gesso (grilled calamari in ginger sauce), and Shime-Saba (marinated mackeral).

In addition to a selection of soba and udon, there will be a curated menu of sushi and sashimi.

We’ll soon have an opportunity to have dinner at Yami-Ichi, but please let us know your thoughts if you beat us to it.

A website for the restaurant is not yet available. Hours have not yet been set due to the izakaya’s soft opening status. We’ll provide more information for you soon.


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