New GO Project At The Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum calls upon all local artists to take advantage of the new “GO Project-” a chance of a lifetime!

The museum is launching a new project, in which artists of Brooklyn will be given the opportunity to open their studios for a chance to display their work at the Brooklyn Museum.

Artists can now register to take part in this new project by visiting If you are an artist seeking an opportunity to display your work, go ahead and register. Be sure to create a profile on the site that includes pictures of yourself and your studio, along with photos and descriptions of your work.

Participants will be visited by community members for nomination, and the top-nominees will be visited by the Brooklyn Museum curators themselves. The curators will select pieces for the actual exhibition.

Not an artist yourself, but possess a passion and an eye for good artwork? You can participate as well. Visit the site above and join the project as a voter of volunteer. Volunteers can assist in spreading the word around their community, to help engage and motivate artists to participate in the project. Voters, who can register beginning in August, will provide share their ideas and provide perspectives on the pieces entered.

Organizers of this project feel that it will provide artists with an opportunity for collaboration. The organizers include Sharon Matt Atkins, Managing Curator of Exhibitions, and Shelley Bernstein, Chief of Technology.

“With more artists working in Brooklyn than ever before, this project offers artists and communities alike the chance to engage with one another and participate in the exhibition process,” said the organizers.The open studio weekend for the project will be held September 8 and 9, 2012. The exhibition will open on December 1, 2012, and will be on view through February 24, 2013. But don’t wait! Register online now for a chance to take part in this creative event.