New 400-Student School Slated For Sunset Park

36th Street and 5th Avenue, Sunset Park via Google Maps

To help ease the overcrowding in classrooms in School District 15 (which spans from Cobble Hill to Sunset Park), NYC Council Member Carlos Menchaca has announced the opening of a new school on the corner of 36th Street and 5th Avenue in Sunset Park.

Council Member Menchaca, whose District 38 includes Red Hook, Sunset Park, and Windsor Terrace, announced the development of the new, 400-student elementary school in mid-June. This will be the fourth new school project in Menchaca’s district during his four years in office. Approximately 20 percent of the 7,326 total new seats being added to the New York City school system are in Menchaca’s district—more than any other district, Brooklyn Eagle reports.

Menchaca worked with Community Board 7 (Sunset Park, Windsor Terrace) and the NYC School Construction Authority to get this new project approved. The three other new Sunset Park schools will be located at 59th Street and 3rd Avenue, 43rd Street and 4th Avenue, and 46th Street and 8th Avenue, according to Patch.

4302 Fourth Avenue (at 43rd Street), Sunset Park via Google Maps

It was also reported recently that the 1886 castle-like structure located on the corner of 43rd Street and 4th Avenue, will not be torn down to make room for one of the four new schools, Brooklyn Daily reports. Landmarked in the 1980s, the building formerly housed the NYPD’s 68th Precinct and Brooklyn Police Department’s 18th Precinct, Patch reports. Vacant since the 1970s, the building has fallen into disrepair over the years and is covered in graffiti.

Plans to demolish the building to develop a 12,500-square-foot school have changed, preserving and restoring much of the building’s grand Romanesque Revival facade instead, and gutting the interiors to create an appropriate educational facility.


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  1. I am ecstatic that the 4 new schools are coming to Sunset!! Menchaca’s lobbying of the DOE finally paid off and conveniently for him just before the election. Better late than never I suppose. CB7 and CEC15 played a role too but he can take credit for his leadership and vision. As a board member I am only too aware of the relentless behind the scenes work invested on this specially during the last 2 years. It’s also fantastic that we saved the old police precinct’s historical facade (a couple of months ago already, time flies!). So many groups and neighbors were involved in this but the community pulled it off starting with the SP landmarks committee, the district manager and others, with some help from SHPO of course.. 🙂

  2. I’ve been living here 39 years and this building is here taking up space I say take it down and let’s move on.

  3. Linda I don’t know what makes you think that Carlos was working on this – he did NOT lobby – he supported a list that the Community Board & some gentrifiers came up with. He had NO idea about the 36th & 5th site – it was a shock to him – but several of us knew about it because block residents reported ground drilling which I then took to the SCA and they were shocked that we knew what was going on. When it was first announced to the public – Carlos took credit saying it would be the first new sunset school in ten years…lol. He has no idea what is going on in sunset. Yes he speaks with some gentrifiers and has their love, but he is out of touch. He made the parents of P.S. 169 try to win his Participatory Budgeting vote to get much needed new emergency exit doors – they lost and he had to add the money – he did the same thing with P.S. 172 when they wanted to replace their 100 year old toilets. But the worst is, he fails to communicate with the community at large – when he was elected his favorite word was “conversations” – he was going to have conversations all the time on issues. To my knowledge he has not called a single meeting in the four years – he has joined in with others holding “hearings” or public meetings – but he did not call the meeting and for that matter I believe there may have been a total of 6. His much touted social media communication – centered on a webpage – fluttered to an early death six months after his election – when his two potential sites both were dropped. But most outrageous is his failure to support schools below 3rd Avenue. This is due to the fear of his gentrifiers (and Park Slopers – whose kids could be bussed there for a school in the ‘industrial zone”). What he doesn’t know is we already have enough kids living west of 3rd to fill a school or two. A school there could lead to affordable housing being built there with the realization that we will NEVER bring manufacturing back (not as it is remembered – low skill, huge numbers of jobs) – we need to provide “job ladders” for our community for today’s new range of jobs. This could be pattered on the job ladders of the 1960s that created job titles that never existed before – paraprofessionals in schools, paramedics in hospitals, and paralegals in law. Carlos is a nice guy – he has the same lofty beliefs that inspire all of us – protection for our hardworking immigrants, affordable housing, rights for folks to live the lives that the Constitution promises us – regardless of our personal sexual orientation, religious beliefs or life styles. Yes, he is inspiring when he talks of this and shows up at other people’s meetings and rally’s – all outside of sunset – but he does nothing locally to make this happen for our local residents – ask the immigrants of sunset what he has done for them, ask the mother who was threatened with deportment while her American born kids could be left behind, ask the transgender sunset parker how carlos failed to respond to pleas. In fact ask anyone who has called up with a complaint about sink holes, noise, parking, vandalized cars and on and on. Fact be told, Carlos ran from the issue of police brutality – even presenting an award in public to an offending 72nd Precinct cop (he was out of touch and had no idea), Carlos actively fought against a study for a protected bike lane on 4th (just a study and he said NO), Carlos gave away is duty to hold hearings on new leases for our waterfront (a City Council power) for 39 years and didn’t hold a local meeting about it…folks, please, continue to love his high ideals (as I do) but look closer, ask questions, investigate and see the truth – his own staff has been so frustrated with his failure to be “in” the neighborhood appearing at meetings and working on local issues. Even his colleagues in the City Council – dumped his as the Brooklyn delegation chair because his failure to call meetings caused the borough to lose patronage jobs and capital funds….gee this is so frustrating

  4. Oh Tony, give it a rest already!!!!!

    You lie and then ramble, it’s exhausting. It’s Trumpian. Just stop already or at least run for office so you can finally get publically shunned the way you should be, for your constant lies. Since you are responsible for everything that happens in Sunset anyway.


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