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Midwood Bus Stops Near B/Q Station On Avenue J Relocated


As a result of complaints issued by local residents and travelers, the B6 and B11 bus stops on Avenue J in Midwood have been relocated to underneath the Q train station on East 15th Street from a block away, saving bus-to-subway commuters valuable time and, hopefully, freeing up some much needed parking spaces.

Staffers at Councilman David Greenfield’s office told Sheepshead Bites they received complaints about the bus stop’s placement as recently as June 30, spurring them to press the Department of Transportation to make the move. The agency did just that in July.

Locals criticized the fact that at times, there is a great distance between stops on the B6 and B11 routes. This new stop is more evenly spaced with its surrounding stops, and will thereby shorten the distance of the travelers’ walks to their destinations.

“The new location for these heavily-used bus stops will help make this busy intersection and transit hub easier to navigate and more convenient for drivers, pedestrians and commuters,” Greenfield said in a press release. “I am constantly looking for ways to improve traffic flow and safety for everyone who uses our streets, so I am pleased that the MTA agreed to this request.”

The move is actually a return to their original locations, after the city moved them several years ago to accommodate construction work at the train station.

Greenfield said that he hopes that residents will contact his office with more suggestions regarding the improvement of traffic on the streets, parking, or anything that will make “life on the streets a little less chaotic and bit more pleasant.” The phone number of Greenfield’soffice is 718-853-2704.

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  1. Did the MTA plan originally to revert the bus stops back to the old places once the construction was finished? Wasn’t that the same construction work that was going on all along the Brighton Line for the past 3 years?

  2. Most likely not. Why spend money when they could leave things where they are so long as nobody notices or says anything.

  3. Yes. Now move the B3 westbound stop to under the Q line station. No reason that it should be a block away.

  4. Agreed. There’s room for it.

    Eastbound, is a different story since there are steps from the sidewalk to the pavement that are closer to the corner than similar steps at the Ave J station. Those prevent the e/b stop from being moved since the new Orion-style buses need enough clearance to allow the wheelchair ramp to come down flat or at a downward incline.

  5.  If I recall, there used to be stops around 13th street that were eliminated due to community pressure, and everyone forgot about those too.

  6. Don’t annoy the DOT too much now. They will put bike lanes in your precious parking spaces that this freed up if you aren’t careful. 


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