Kmart opened at Sears on Beverley on Saturday

FLATBUSH – This past Saturday, June 16th, Sears and Kmart unveiled a new “store-in-a-store” format—a Kmart Convenience store located inside the Sears’ landmarked Brooklyn location at 2307 Beverley Road (behind Kings Theater).

At 10,000 square feet, the new Kmart convenience store is small for the retailer and focuses solely on grab-and-go items – a selection of groceries, health and beauty items, pet supplies, and cleaning supplies – an add-on to your other Sears shopping.

Time will show how successful this will prove to be, and whether it is not a bit too late for the struggling retailer. Stop & Shop is on the other side of the Sears parking lot.

Target has been on a roll with their small footprint urban stores opening across Brooklyn, but those stores are three times the size and serve as pick up centers for online orders.

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  1. I think it may be too late for Sears. I went there about two weeks ago and it was like a graveyard also Sales Associate are not a pleasant bunch. It has become more dreary as they closed most of the entrances. Definitely not my cup of tea.

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