Kitten Rescued From Car Engine, Gets Blogged, Goes Viral

Mercedes and me

The adorable kitten in the picture above was rescued from the engine of a car on Tuesday and adopted by her savior, who made her a star by telling the story over on his blog.

Antonio Rosario, the small kitten’s savior, and his wife Elizabeth were cruising down Ocean Parkway towards Brighton Beach, when Antonio, who was in the passenger’s seat, suddenly heard what he believed to be a cat’s cry. When they stopped at a red light, he heard the the poor little cry again.

“I look out behind me and out the window and in the adjacent lane is see a Mercedes s550 with its left front turn signal light missing from the housing,” Antonio posted on his blog. “In this housing is the little face of a kitten crying.”

Pained by the cries of the small kitten, Antonio immediately opened the window and tried his best to get the attention of the driver of the car.

“You have a cat inside your car,” he shouted frantically. Can you imagine how concerned he must have been about the kitten if he was willing to scream across Ocean Parkway?

Elizabeth, Antonio and the driver of the Mercedes pulled over to the side of the road. Frightened, the driver turned off her car and backed away. Antonio requested that she open the hood of her car, yet she said she didn’t know how to. Antonio then unsuccessfully attempted to grab the kitten, which caused the scared animal to wedge herself further into the engine.

For a while, Antonio, Elizabeth, and other spectators tried to figure out how to open the hood of the car. It seems like Antonio just couldn’t watch the little animal suffer.

“Suddenly, I see a paw protruding from the right front part of the car, near the turn signal housing. It’s limp,” Antonio wrote on his blog.

He panicked and assumed the poor little kitten was dead due to the heat. Hoping the kitten was alive, Antonio once again tried to remove it, but to no avail. When he touched it, the small kitten began to cry once more. It was still alive!

The driver of the Mercedes felt that at this point, it would just be best if she took the car to a mechanic, who would help remove the cat. Worried about the cat, Antonio said that if they turned the car on, the little cat would surely die.

Antonio felt that some food may tempt the kitten to come out of the car. The driver of the Mercedes had some meat from the market, and Elizabeth had leftover breakfast. With some of each in his hand, Antonio enthusiastically shoved his hand into the hood of the car, praying that the cat would see the food and come out.

“Finally she dropped one leg down and then another,” Antonio wrote. “Finally, she dropped out of the hole and I grabbed her firmly and quick. Gotcha!!”

Not only did Antonio and Elizabeth spend their precious time saving the kitten, but decided to keep her too! They named her Mercedes, or Mercy, for short.