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After A Decade Of Study, WWII Veteran Graduates From Kingsborough Community College

Joseph Pinsky (credit: CBS 2)
Joseph Pinsky (Source: CBS 2)

An 85-year-old World War II veteran graduated from Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard) on Tuesday, after 10 years of much work, effort and serious commitment.

It took the graduate, Joseph Pinsky, 10 years to obtain a college degree because of severe health issues and surgeries for both him and his wife, Rosalind. Pinsky credits this accomplishment to Rosalind, who pushed him and motivated him to obtain a degree from college. He and Rosalind have been married for the past 38 years.

“I’m very proud of him because I asked him ‘What are you going to do when you retire? You have to do something,’” said Pinsky’s wife, Rosalind to CBS News.

Pinsky graduated from high school in 1944, where he studied aviation mechanics. Immediately upon graduation, used the education that he received, enlisted in the United States Army, and served in the Philippines during World War II. He then worked for the United States Postal Service as a mail carrier supervisor. He enrolled in college after retiring.

Pinsky enjoyed college and found it to be a highly satisfying and worthwhile experience. He took pleasure in learning with younger students, many of whom could have been his grandchildren. He felt as though working with young individuals helped keep his mind working.

“Believe it or not, working with young people, it was stimulating and they treated me like one of the group,” Joseph told CBS News.

While in college, Pinsky took ill. He was extremely reluctant to return to his studies after recovering. But once again, his wife stepped in, and urged him to continue and finish what he began.

Pinsky’s devotion and dedication have made him a good role model for all, including his own grandson, Kyle Murphy. Pinsky showed his grandson the importance of obtaining a level of higher education.

“I want to study what I’m studying now — math, science, social studies, everything,” Murphy said to CBS.

Pinsky said that would love to continue studying, and hopes to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in the upcoming years.

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  6. I’ve been extremely busy. This sort of accomplishment deserves acknowledgement.

    My father, like the parents of a number of us, also fought in World War II. So what he did was for all of them.

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  9. My Dad fought in WW2 also. He hit the beaches of Normandy…what a way to see Europe.
    Studying something new to the brain is what keeps it alive.  Just reading a novel and enjoying it does not work as well. Words are repetitive and not such a challenge.

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